Thursday, May 03, 2007

US Government Sues Salvation Army Because Employees Are Required To Speak English

I got this from Michelle earlier today, and have been fuming over it ever since.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed:

A complaint filed at the end of March in the United States District Court District of Massachusetts, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says two Hispanic workers, one's national original is the Dominican Republic, and the other's is El Salvador) were subjected to discrimination by the Salvation Army "on the basis of their national origin (Hispanic) by requiring them to comply with Defendant's English-only rule, and terminating them because they failed to comply with its proficiency requirement, spoke Spanish in the workplace and were not fluent in speaking or understanding English."

Read the entire article to get the whole story.

The Salvation Army has a standing policy that you must speak English to work there. Some local chapters have not upheld that policy in the past, and hired non-English speakers. Apparently these two employees have been working for the Salvation Army for a couple of years, but were recently terminated because they couldn't speak, or understand, English.

This is a scary, and very dangerous president the EEOC is engaging in. This isn't the first time the EEOC has gone after the Salvation Army for this, and they've gone after other employers for requiring English of their employees.

If you've ever wondered why you can't order a Big Mac without pickles because the worker can't understand what you said ... it's because the company will be sued by the government if they don't hire them.


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Anonymous said...
3:39 PM

The Salvation is a very corrupt organization. You have no idea what is being done behind the shield. Money donated if being funded to bank accounts overseas for these officers in charge of each corps while giving nothing to to those who are to be served. Don't be foolish, you are defending Satan.



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