Monday, April 30, 2007

Can Meditation Stop School Violence?

David Lynch says yes. He wants to teach 1 million students to meditate in order to transform schools from places of stress to centers of peace.

Check it:

Filmmaker David Lynch will announce during a global webcast ( on Tuesday, May 1, at 12 noon (EDT), the David Lynch Foundation’s new plan to end school violence: Teach one million students around the world to meditate to transform schools from breeding grounds of stress and violence into centers of creativity and peace.

The David Lynch Foundation has already provided nearly $5 million to support in-school Transcendental Meditation programs for thousands of students in public and private schools in the United States and around the world to learn to meditate.

I wonder what Brian Boitano would do?

Another Border Patrol Agent Charged With Murder -- With Video Of Shooting


The above video shows an illegal being shot to death by a Border Agent in California. Agent Corbett has been charged with murder for shooting another illegal who he claims was about to hit him with a rock. The video above is NOT Corbett, but is a similar case.

You can read more about it at World Net Daily.

This video does give us an idea of what Corbett has claimed happened to him.

Iraqi Police Are "Very Capable" At Law Enforcement

A little more good news out of Iraq. We often hear that the Iraqi army is improving, but isn't quite ready to take over yet. There is a different story when we hear about the Iraqi police force. They are coming along nicely.

American Forces Press Service:

"I believe the Iraqi police are getting very capable in handling the law enforcement type mission and traffic mission. The problem you have is ... that there's a lot of terrorists and insurgents who want to see them fail," Brig. Gen. Phillips said, speaking to online journalists from Baghdad.

He went on to say that they can function in a normal law enforcement capacity a lot better than two years ago, and they are having great success in the 75% of Iraq that is under control.

Minimum Wage Increase Being Delayed By Democrats

This was the only real piece of legislation that the Dems promised to pass if elected that actually passed. Every other promise they made has yet to come to fruition. Now the minimum wage increase is being delayed because Democrats were trying to use it to get their message across about Iraq.


Increasing the minimum wage should be easy for a Congress controlled by Democrats, especially with President Bush's pledge of support.

But a $2.10 boost for America's lowest-paid workers is again being delayed, this time in a tussle over whether to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq.

Even the President has vowed to pass this legislation, but the Dems will have none of that.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., decided to attach the minimum wage provisions to the Iraq war spending bill. Normally that's must-pass legislation. Now it's certain to be the subject of Bush's second veto after Democrats loaded it up with a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops.

So instead of getting legislation through, that was promised to their constituents, on its own merits ... the Dems decided to play political football with the minimum wage increase.

This is exactly why we need a line item veto for all presidents. They can cut through the pork and partisanship to get things accomplished. The Democrats have promised to get the increase through, and they will, but thousands of poor folks depending on that increase they were promised will now have to wait until Reid and Pelosi are done farting around with Iraq.

You can this delay to the delay of new armored vehicles getting to our troops on the front line because of the Dems antics.

Greenies Forgot To Tell Us That CFL Bulbs Can Kill Us


Not to mention cost us a lot of money.

The move to ban incandescent light bulbs, and replace them with the more eco-friendly CFL bulbs is potentially dangerous and expensive. If you're clumsy ... CFL bulbs are more expensive, and far dangerous than their counterparts. Get a load of this story.

Financial Post:

How much money does it take to screw in a compact fluorescent light bulb? About US$4.28 for the bulb and labour -- unless you break the bulb. Then you, like Brandy Bridges of Ellsworth, Maine, could be looking at a cost of about US$2,004.28, which doesn't include the costs of frayed nerves and risks to health.

That's right ... over two thousand dollars. That's if you don't get sick from the mercury poisoning.

According to an April 12 article in The Ellsworth American, Bridges had the misfortune of breaking a CFL during installation in her daughter's bedroom: It dropped and shattered on the carpeted floor.

Aware that CFLs contain potentially hazardous substances, Bridges called her local Home Depot for advice. The store told her that the CFL contained mercury and that she should call the Poison Control hotline, which in turn directed her to the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

The DEP sent a specialist to Bridges' house to test for mercury contamination. The specialist found mercury levels in the bedroom in excess of six times the state's "safe" level for mercury contamination of 300 billionths of a gram per cubic meter. The DEP specialist recommended that Bridges call an environmental cleanup firm, which reportedly gave her a "low-ball" estimate of US$2,000 to clean up the room. The room then was sealed off with plastic and Bridges began "gathering finances" to pay for the US$2,000 cleaning. Reportedly, her insurance company wouldn't cover the cleanup costs because mercury is a pollutant.

Now this means we will need to pass legislation to require insurance companies to cover the cost of mercury cleanup which means our rates will go up. Remember, they are trying to make these CFL bulbs required in all homes. They are requiring that we take a dangerous substance (mercury) into our homes. Do you have any idea how many laws have been passed to prevent mercury poisoning in this country? Now they are going to require us to have it around?

In case you are wondering how much the true cost of her breaking this bulb was ... it will take her 11 years to recoup her cost of breaking that on bulb. That is based on the numbers that a CFL bulb will save you $180 a year. Hardly more economical.

Tenet Admits Iraq Was Seeking Nuclear Weapons

I have been very amused at how Tenet has been running around criticizing the Bush administration while confirming everything they said. Of course, the lefties haven't picked up on that yet. All they know is a Clinton guy is mad at Bush for going to war. Funny how many of them didn't know Tenet was a Clinton guy before this week.

Tenet has also confirmed everything the administration has said, but is angry that they used his name, his evidence, and his statements to make their case. Tenet has also just confirmed what Duelfer, and every other inspector, has said about Saddam's weapons programs.

This is a part of the 60 Minutes transcript:

  • SCOTT PELLEY, CBS’ “60 MINUTES”: January ‘03, the President, again: “imagine those 19 hijackers this time armed by Saddam’s Hussein,” is that what you’re telling the President?
  • [narrating voice]
  • The Vice President up the ante, claiming Saddam had nuclear weapons when the CIA was saying he didn’t.
  • PELLEY: What’s happening here?
  • TENET: I don’t know what’s happening here. The intelligence community’s judgemnet is he will not have a nuclear weapon until the year 2007, 2009.
  • PELLEY: That’s not what the Vice President is saying.
  • TENET: Well I can’t explain it.

Hotair has the video.

I actually have the CIA's original report that clearly states that Saddam was researching nuclear weapons and may be able to build one in as little as a year, but that wasn't the only reason for war anyway. Saddam's numerous weapons programs (all proven to be true), and his support of terrorist groups coupled with his hundreds of attacks on US warplanes over the no-fly zones were all reasons given for the war as well. It is important to note that the original CIA report was put together under Tenet. I also haven't heard the President say specifically that Saddam HAS nuclear weapons. I've heard him say on several occasions that he was pursuing them. Which has been confirmed. After all, why would Saddam need 500 tons of uranium if he wasn't pursuing nuclear weapons?

I also got this letter from Tenet to Senator Bob Graham from Global Security.

Letter dated Oct. 7 to Senator Bob Graham, Democrat of Florida and chairman of the Intelligence Committee, by George J. Tenet, director of central intelligence, about decisions to declassify material related to the debate about Iraq:

In response to your letter of 4 October 2002, we have made unclassified material available to further the Senate's forthcoming open debate on a Joint Resolution concerning Iraq. As always, our declassification efforts seek a balance between your need for unfettered debate and our need to protect sources and methods. We have also been mindful of a shared interest in not providing to Saddam a blueprint of our intelligence capabilities and shortcomings, or with insight into our expectation of how he will and will not act. The salience of such concerns is only heightened by the possibility of hostilities between the U.S. and Iraq.

These are some of the reasons why we did not include our classified judgments on Saddam's decision-making regarding the use of weapons of mass destruction (W.M.D.) in our recent unclassified paper on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction. Viewing your request with those concerns in mind, however, we can declassify the following from the paragraphs you requested:

Baghdad for now appears to be drawing a line short of conducting terrorist attacks with conventional or C.B.W. chemical and biological weapons against the United States.

Should Saddam conclude that a U.S.-led attack could no longer be deterred, he probably would become much less constrained in adopting terrorist actions. Such terrorism might involve conventional means, as with Iraq's unsuccessful attempt at a terrorist offensive in 1991, or C.B.W.

Saddam might decide that the extreme step of assisting Islamist terrorists in conducting a W.M.D. attack against the United States would be his last chance to exact vengeance by taking a large number of victims with him.

Regarding the 2 October closed hearing, we can declassify the following dialogue:

Senator Levin Carl Levin, Democrat of Michigan : . . . If (Saddam) didn't feel threatened, did not feel threatened, is it likely that he would initiate an attack using a weapon of mass destruction?

Senior Intelligence Witness: . . . My judgment would be that the probability of him initiating an attack -- let me put a time frame on it -- in the foreseeable future, given the conditions we understand now, the likelihood I think would be low.

Senator Levin: Now if he did initiate an attack you've . . . indicated he would probably attempt clandestine attacks against us . . . But what about his use of weapons of mass destruction? If we initiate an attack and he thought he was in extremis or otherwise, what's the likelihood in response to our attack that he would use chemical or biological weapons?

Senior Intelligence Witness: Pretty high, in my view.

In the above dialogue, the witness's qualifications -- "in the foreseeable future, given the conditions we understand now" -- were intended to underscore that the likelihood of Saddam using W.M.D. for blackmail, deterrence, or otherwise grows as his arsenal builds. Moreover, if Saddam used W.M.D., it would disprove his repeated denials that he has such weapons.

Regarding Senator Bayh's Evan Bayh, Democrat of Indiana question of Iraqi links to al-Qa'ida. Senators could draw from the following points for unclassified discussions:

  • Our understanding of the relationship between Iraq and al-Qa'ida is evolving and is based on sources of varying reliability. Some of the information we have received comes from detainees, including some of high rank.
  • We have solid reporting of senior level contacts between Iraq and al-Qa'ida going back a decade.
  • Credible information indicates that Iraq and al-Qa'ida have discussed safe haven and reciprocal nonaggression.
  • Since Operation Enduring Freedom, we have solid evidence of the presence in Iraq of al-Qa'ida members, including some that have been in Baghdad.
  • We have credible reporting that al-Qa'ida leaders sought contacts in Iraq who could help them acquire W.M.D. capabilities. The reporting also stated that Iraq has provided training to al-Qa'ida members in the areas of poisons and gases and making conventional bombs.
  • Iraq's increasing support to extremist Palestinians coupled with growing indications of a relationship with al-Qa'ida, suggest that Baghdad's links to terrorists will increase, even absent U.S. military action.

You'll notice Tenet himself saying their is a distinct goal of producing WMD's and a link to terrorists including al Qaeda.

Again ... Tenet's own words are used against him.

Gore's "Momentous Announcement" Was That Carbon-Neutral Is A Fraud

Funny thing is he didn't realize he said it.

Some speculated he would announce his candidacy, but that would have made no sense. To announce in Canada would have destroyed the campaign before it started.

Gore's announcement was that Canada's climate plan is a fraud. A lot like carbon-credits are a fraud I suppose.

There are some hilarious gems in what Gore had to say.


He also criticized the plan for allowing industries to pollute more if they use emissions-cutting technologies while increasing production.

"In my opinion, it is a complete and total fraud," Gore said Saturday. "It is designed to mislead the Canadian people."

This is the money shot of the piece. Gore is actually saying that not reducing emissions while using green technology is a fraud. Let me translate that for you folks. Gore is saying that the Canadian plan to make industry carbon-neutral is a scam. Just like I said earlier ... like carbon-credits. It's ok for Gore to not reduce emissions because he buys offsets, but it is not ok for businesses to do the same. Pure hypocrisy!

The Canadian plan is designed for businesses to reduce emissions with their current production by using eco-tech. It also allows businesses to increase production using eco-tech to equal their current emissions output. The idea is that businesses can't increase their emissions to more than their current output ... i.e. carbon-neutral.

The Canadians fired back.

Canadian Environment Minister John Baird rejected Gore's criticisms.

"The fact is our plan is vastly tougher than any measures introduced by the administration of which the former vice president was a member," Baird said in a statement.

Pwned! Not only is it tougher than Clinton's policies, but Bush has had far more success in reducing emissions than Clinton ever did. Clinton would propose unreasonable cuts in emissions that would never pass because they were unrealistic. Clinton was never effective at any real environmental change. Bush has proposed emissions reductions that weren't unrealistic, and were implemented.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Armored Vehicles For Iraq Delayed Because Of Congress

So much for caring about up-armed vehicles by the Democrats. They've been whining and complaining about the troops in Iraq not receiving the proper armor for years now. Their arguments were completely manufactured, and refuted by the troops on the ground. Now Congressional Democrats are preventing replacement armor vehicles from getting to the troops in Iraq because of their disgraceful budget bills.

Like most of the Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles in Anbar province, this one has been hit as many as three times by enemy fire and bomb blasts. Yet, to date, no American troops have died while riding in one.

But efforts to buy thousands more carriers - each costing about $1 million - could be delayed if the White House and Congress do not resolve their deadlock over a $124.2 billion war spending bill.

About $3 billion for the vehicles is tied up in the legislation. The spending plan has stalled because of a dispute over provisions that would set a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq.

At a hearing last month, lawmakers urged the Army to get more of the carriers to the battlefront as quickly as possible. The vehicles, with their unique V-shaped hull that deflects blasts outward and away from passengers, are considered lifesavers against the No. 1 killer in Iraq - roadside bombs.

Lawmakers urged the military to get these vehicles to the front, but then refused to give the money to the troops for the new vehicles.

As the Pentagon scrapes to find the money to run the war in the midst of the budget impasse, the Pentagon says there is not enough cash to buy as many as commanders say they need.

"We can build what we can get the funds to build. It's strictly an issue of money," Gen. Peter Schoomaker, former Army chief of staff, told a Senate committee last month.

At the time, he said the Army had an unfunded requirement of about $2 billion. Lawmakers added some additional money to the bill, so that number would now be about $1.5 billion.

He said the Army believes "that not only do we need the MRAP immediately to give us better protection, but that we need to stay on a path to get an even better vehicle than the MRAP for the long haul, because the enemy is going to continue to adapt."

Political football indeed.

Friday, April 27, 2007

7/7 Mastermind Captured In Iraq

This has been pretty active all day on just about every blog there is. The al Qaeda leader believed to have plotted the London bombings was captured. I'll give you one guess as to which country they caught him entering Iraq from.

Vote Vets To Run Ad FOR Harry Reid

Recently here in Las Vegas, and probably elsewhere, radio ads have been airing attacking Reid's attack of the war by saying "the war is lost." Now is getting in on the ad game, but they support what Reid said.

I exposed some lies the group was using to win the last election here, and received some credit for its failure in removing good people from office. Vote Vets has also been tied to groups convicted of voter fraud, and they are a Democrat party activist group headed by former Democrat presidential candidate Gen. Wesley Clark.

You can read my previous post on them here.

Immigrants Upset That They May Not Be Able To Get Nevada Scholorship


How selfish can you get? This story comes just a couple of days as Nevada's legislature passed two conflicting bills. One allows illegal aliens to get the Millennium Scholarship, and the other doesn't. Now they have to sort it out, but we know which one will win in the end.

Enter this story from our local paper ...

Review Journal:

Guzman faces a problem that could make it more difficult to reach her goal: Although she is in the United States legally, she isn't a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident.

If a bill passed by the state Senate this week is approved by the Assembly and signed into law by Gov. Jim Gibbons, she won't be able to get a price break on CCSN tuition or receive a Millennium Scholarship.

Awwww ... cry me a river. While I have absolutely no problem with this girl because she is in the US legally ... the Nevada taxpayers have no obligation to pay for her college. We set up the Millennium Scholarship to help Nevada citizens go to college. This girl has applied for permanent residency, and her father has already received it. My problem isn't necessarily with people like her.

In the RJ Wednesday officials said that no more than 94 illegals received the scholarship. They made it seem like no big deal, but that's 94 American kids that missed out on thousands of dollars for college because some illegal got it instead.

They are making this out to be more than it is. The bill banning the scholarship to illegals, if passed, can be amended for legal residents, but it shouldn't be. We've already had the scholarship fund run out a couple of times because it is given to illegals instead of Americans.

15 Ways To Get Revenge

There is some good ideas for revenge here. Make sure you follow the link to get the rest.

clipped from
1. Revenge on a dirty roommate - using a hairdryer blow flour or powder under their door to give everything an awesome white coat...
2. Revenge on a neighbor - write a nasty message on your target's lawn in weed killer, they'll never get rid of the bald patches...
3. Revenge on anyone who doesn't live with you - put gelatin down your target's toilet, in a few days it'll get solid...
4. When your roommate goes away, water his/her carpet and sow mustard and cress seeds for a lush shag pile...
5. Revenge on a neighbor - replace weed killer with plant food - they'll curse their green fingers...
6. Float unwrapped chocolate bars and toilet paper in your neighbor's pool...
7. Get as many alarm clocks as possible, set them for different times throughout the night and hide them on your roommate's room...
8. Fill your coworker's umbrella or coat hood with hole-punch waster, or even better four for a sudden blizzard...

Interesting Name Isn't It

clipped from
Strange Name
I have no idea if this is her real name, but I've seen worse.

Fast Food Reality

I'm trying out this new clipping thing from, and I found this site that compares the food you see on the commercials to the food you actually get.

clipped from
Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality
Each item was purchased, taken home, and
photographed immediately. Nothing
was tampered with, run over by a car, or anything of the sort. It is an accurate
representation in every
case. Shiny, neon-orange, liquefied pump-cheese, and all.
Burger King Enormous Omelet Sandwich
Arby's Beef 'n' Cheddar
KFC Famous Bowl
Subway six-inch turkey breast and ham sub
Wendy's Southwest Taco Salad
Burger King sausage, egg, and cheese croissant
McDonald's Big Mac
Taco Bell Nachos Bell Grande
McDonald's Filet O Fish Sandwich
Burger King Whopper
McDonald's Sausage McMuffin
This is an ongoing Pulitzer-caliber project.
Check back for updates!
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So The Sun Is Going To Shoot Highly Charged Matter Toward Earth


Guess what that means. No, go ahead and guess. Seriously, what do you think it means?

Scientists are telling us that we will have a solar peak in 2011-2012, but they are having a problem deciding on how bad it's going to be. There is a 12-member panel charged with forecasting the solar cycle because the solar flares can affect airline flights, communications satellites, electrical transmissions and astronauts in space. The matter being hurled at our planet also has another effect as well ...

W. Dean Pesnell of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory said the solar storms also can heat the Earth's upper atmosphere, causing it to expand.

Sounds like global warming to me.

Saudis Arrest 172 Terrorists

Is George Bush responsible?


Saudi police arrested 172 Islamic militants who were on the verge of carrying out a series of terror attacks on oil facilities, military zones and public figures, the Interior Ministry said Friday. A spokesman said all that remained in the plot "was to set the zero hour."

The arrests yielded weapons, $5.5 million, and involved seven terrorist cells. It's a shame that terrorism doesn't exist, and it's all just a CIA cover for Cheney and Rumsfeld to take away our freedoms in order to set up a dictatorship.

Militants Training


I ran across this picture on Fox News, and found it to be quite funny. In my time as an Infantryman I never had the necessity of jumping through a flaming square. If for some outlandish reason that would have been necessary ... I wouldn't have dared trying to use the "belly-flop" to get the job done.

Viagra Used By Prison Inmates


Viagra has been confiscated from inmates in prison along with other drugs, but who cares about those. You have got to be super gay to get Viagra in prison so you can "perform."

The prison is saying that the blue pill is being used by inmates before their home visits ... yeah right.

Estonia Tears Down Soviet War Memorial ... Guess Who's Pissed


Soviets Russians are uber pissed off that Estonia tore down a Soviet war memorial. Estonia gained its freedom in 1991 after 50 years of Soviet occupation, and it has been removing all signs of Soviet oppression ever since. Workers removed the Bronze Soldier statue in the middle of the night because of protests.

Russia has said that it is considering breaking off all diplomatic relations with Estonia. Given that Estonia is going to start digging up buried Russian soldiers from their graves ... I don't think they care.

Hillary Flip-Flops On Iraq Again At Debate


Hillary said she would get us out of Iraq last night at the debate, but that isn't what she said last month.

There are several different versions of Hillary out there, but two prominent one are TV Hillary and newspaper Hillary. During the Democrat debate yesterday Hillary said:

"If this president does not get us out of Iraq, when I am president, I will."

Oh really?

Perhaps she would like to explain (yeah right) what she means by that, and why her statement yesterday was so different than the one she made last month.

In March Hillary made this statement in the NY Times:

In a half-hour interview on Tuesday in her Senate office, Mrs. Clinton said the scaled-down American military force that she would maintain in Iraq after taking office would stay off the streets in Baghdad and would no longer try to protect Iraqis from sectarian violence — even if it descended into ethnic cleansing.

So does she want to get out of Iraq, or stay in Iraq and allow ethnic cleansing to happen on her watch?

Honors Student Charged With Disorderly Conduct For Essay

Photo courtesy of Sun-Times

What would have happened if Stephen King was arrested for his dreams when he was a kid?

Allen Lee is an honors student and future Marine who was given an assignment to write anything he wanted with no censorship. He wrote about a dream with violence, sex and other disturbing images. In the essay Lee even said that he made the dream up for writing purposes, but none of that mattered. He was arrested and charged with two counts of disorderly conduct. The second count was due to his scaring a first year teacher that she might inspire the first shooting at that school.

He says he was encouraged to exaggerate by his teacher for the assignment. How many of our great writers would be charged with disorderly conduct for putting disturbing thoughts down on paper?

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Terrorists Have Issued A Statement About The Withdrawal Bills


No big surprise ... they're VERY happy.

Jihad Unspun:

Their morale continues to collapse as the result of the increasing strikes of the Mujahideen, carried out by the grace of Allah. From downing their aircraft to penetrating their fortified Green Zone and targeting the heads of apostasy and agents, all this has pushed the American army to repeat what it did in Vietnam. In a similar fashion, they are instigating the policy of isolating cites and regions by building a concrete roadblocks and walls as we see in al-Ghazaliyah, al-Ameriyah and others places in order to create a huge prison for the Sunnis. But none of this disappoints the Mujahideen; they have activated their sniper weapons against Allah’s enemies to fill their hearts with terror and death, by the grace of Allah.

The use of these policies by the occupiers shows their inability and the failure of all their past efforts to defeat the Mujahedeen. Our battle against the enemy is first and foremost the will to fight and the length of the battle does not rest with the cross worshippers. Their past efforts to isolate and besiege cities such as Fallujah, Samarra, Hadithah and al-Qaim continue to be met with resistance, by the grace of Allah.

They then end their statement with:

The signs of victory can be seen and the cross worshipper’s defeat is obvious and progressive, all praise be to Allah.

Progressive indeed.

Talk show hosts and pundits have been misfiring on this all day. The Islamic State of Iraq released this statement. They are NOT affiliated with al Qaeda as many talk show hosts have been saying today. The Islamic Army of Iraq is the group affiliated with al Qaeda, but they have recently split with AQ. The Islamic State of Iraq and The Islamic Army of Iraq do not get along at all.

The New Battle Of The Bays

San Fransisco has said they are proud to be a sanctuary city, and now Oakland is getting in on the act as well. I was hoping that the two cities would take opposite sides of the argument like they do with everything else, but instead they are competing with each other on who can deport LESS illegals.

McCain Tells Murtha To Get A Life


Murtha flips out about McCain making an IED joke, and demands that McCain apologize to the troops. So let's review ... shall we? If you make a joke about an IED, not related to the troops, you should apologize to the troops. However, if you say "Marines killed in cold blood" you owe no apology at all ... interesting.

F.C.C. Moves To Restrict TV Violence


I have two words for people who think kids programming is more violent now than ever before ... Looney Tunes.

NY Times:

Concerned about an increase in violence on television, the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday urged lawmakers to consider regulations that would restrict violent programs to late evening, when most children would not be watching.

The commission, in a long-awaited report, concluded that the program ratings system and technology intended to help parents block offensive programs — like the V-chip — had failed to protect children from being regularly exposed to violence.

As a result, the commission recommended that Congress move to limit violence on entertainment programs by giving the agency the authority to define such content and restrict it to late evening television.

Restricting violence seen by kids is a noble goal, but be very careful about allowing Congress to let the F.C.C. decide what's best instead of the parents.

Putin Will Step Down


Well, there goes the theory that he was setting himself up to run the new USSR. Well ... not really.


President Vladimir Putin told Russians more clearly than ever Thursday that he will step down when his second term ends next spring, but left his choice of a successor tantalizingly unclear.

Speaking a day after the burial of Boris Yeltsin, who handed him Russia's reins seven years ago, Putin rejected claims that he has beat a retreat from democracy and stifled freedoms that flourished under his predecessor.

It looks like ol Puti wants to run the country from the back room.

Putin said nothing to reverse previous hints that he wants to keep a hand in Russia's rule from behind the scenes.

He acknowledged expectations that he would take advantage of his speech to reveal his choice for a successor, then drew a laugh by saying, "It is premature for me to declare a political will."

Is the bear coming out of hibernation?

Scientists Want To Censor Global Warming Film

No, not THAT film. Some scientists in England want "The Great Global Warming Swindle" to change or remove parts of the movie so that it better fits their twisted fictional reality.


A group of British climate scientists is demanding changes to a skeptical documentary about global warming, saying there are grave errors in the program billed as a response to Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth."

You'll notice they didn't demand changes to parts of "An Inconvenient Truth" that were completely manufactured by Al Gore.

An open letter sent Tuesday by 38 scientists, including the former heads of Britain's academy of sciences and Britain's weather office, called on producer Wag TV to remove what it called "major misrepresentations" from the film before the DVD release -- a demand its director said was tantamount to censorship.

Censorship it is. I have no idea how accurate "The Great Global Warming Swindle" is, but I do know that "An Inconvenient Truth" is completely inaccurate. If you demand changes to one film because of inaccuracies ... you must make the same demand of the other. Especially since the British government has mandated that Gore's movie be shown to kids. We all know what's going on here though. These scientists are greenies, and are doing everything they can to prevent other scientists from challenging their findings because their findings are false. If that is exposed ... they will lose an awful lot of money they've been getting to advance their agenda.


I put this up earlier I completely forgot to mention that Al Gore is trying to force his movie upon schools, and is training 1000 people to go out and have his movie shown to kids.

Scientists Claim Global Warming Debate Is Irrational

Damn ... you think? A Carleton University professor is telling everyone to take a chill-pill, and look at the facts.

Standard Freeholder via Drudge:

The current debate about global warming is "completely irrational," and people need to start taking a different approach, say two Ottawa scientists.

Carleton University science professor Tim Patterson said global warming will not bring about the downfall of life on the planet.

Patterson said much of the up-to-date research indicates that "changes in the brightness of the sun" are almost certainly the primary cause of the warming trend since the end of the "Little Ice Age" in the late 19th century. Human emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the gas of concern in most plans to curb climate change, appear to have little effect on global climate, he said.

I have told you here, here, and here about the sun causing global warming. Not only on Earth, but every other planet in our solar system. This stuff comes from NASA, and when it comes to planet studies they are the elite. Maybe we should believe the NASA organization, and not just one NASA scientist who happens to be a greenie who's been caught lying.

Read the full article ... it's well worth it.

Investigations Show Carbon Credits Are A Fraud

Those of us who know that are not surprised. You other idiots, however, have made scam artists rich.

While I have told you several times they are frauds, and even pointed out how these "carbon credits" are peddled by companies ... many didn't believe me. Well, now the Financial Times has reported on widespread fraud from companies claiming to erase your carbon footprint.

Companies and individuals rushing to go green have been spending millions on “carbon credit” projects that yield few if any environmental benefits.

A Financial Times investigation has uncovered widespread failings in the new markets for greenhouse gases, suggesting some organisations are paying for emissions reductions that do not take place.

Others are meanwhile making big profits from carbon trading for very small expenditure and in some cases for clean-ups that they would have made anyway.

I love how they go on to describe the "green gold rush." They also give you a summary of the investigation's findings if you aren't a reader.

Greenies ... you've been pwned!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Gen. Petraeus Tells Congress To Shut The F--k Up


Too bad Democrats keep skipping the General's briefings, or maybe some common sense could have been shoved down their throats.

Every couple of years under every administration some idiot in Washington makes a public statement, or proposes a measure to "remind" the military and intelligence communities that what they say can be used by our enemies. This usually happens after some politician leaks classified information to the media which compromises the lives of those in the field. Of course, the military and spooks are all to well aware of the ramifications of leaking intel, but politicians never seem to be able to grasp this simple concept. Next thing you know ... they try to deflect their guilt and pin it on those on the front line. Today, Gen. Petraeus pwned the Washington elite, and chastised them for not being able to keep their damn mouths shut.

Fox News:

The top commander in Iraq did warn lawmakers that their volatile rhetoric is being heard by the enemy.

"One thing that he reminded us was, this is a test of wills and he admonished us, reminded us that what we say to the world, to our adversaries and our allies, is listened to by the other side," said Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif.

Hunter said Petraeus "didn't try to sugarcoat the issues and the problems" that American forces face in Iraq, but noted that comments like that by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who last week said the war is lost, provide incentive for U.S. adversaries.

Good for the General. It's about time the leadership in the military stepped up to school these politicians on how the world works. Hunter then called for Reid to step down.

"It must come as a shock to Al Qaeda leaders to have an aide come into their safe house and tell them that Senator Reid has declared that, in fact, they are winning and the war is lost," Hunter said. "I think it's highly irresponsible for the leader of the U.S. Senate to have said that and, just speaking for myself as the ranking Republican on the Armed Services Committee, I think that the leader of the Senate should step down from that position."

He should step down. It will make the recall efforts here in Nevada a little easier. Make no mistake ... there is a huge effort to mount a recall here.

There are some very familiar names on the list of prominent Democrats that didn't attend the briefing ... again.

Rosie O'Donnell Is Out At The View


This was actually expected to happen so don't look so surprised. It's not because of her increasingly ludicrous statements, however. It is because she has been getting offers to have her own show again, and an ego like hers can't pass that opportunity up. Clearly ABC tried to prevent her from leaving The View, and going solo. Rosie, however, had other ideas.


ABC has been unable to come to a contractual agreement with Rosie O'Donnell. As a result, her hosting duties on "The View" will come to an end mid-June.

"They wanted me three years, I wanted one year, and it just didn't work," said O'Donnell on today's show.

It also appears that Rosie will not go away completely, but be a regular special guest.

Those fans don't have to worry -- she will still be on the show in smaller doses.

"I'm not going away. I'm just not going to be here every day," added O'Donnell.

All in all a minor victory that will be short lived.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Reid Says He Won't Get In Name Calling Match ... Then Calls Cheney "Attack Dog"

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How stupid is Harry Reid? REEAAL stupid.

Cheney called out Reid for his idiocy, and basically called him a flip-flopper (though not literally).


"Some Democratic leaders seem to believe that blind opposition to the new strategy in Iraq is good politics," Cheney said. "Sen. Reid himself has said that the war in Iraq will bring his party more seats in the next election.

"It is cynical to declare that the war is lost because you believe it gives you political advantage," Cheney said. Bonus Video ...

So Reid responds by saying he won't name call, and them promptly starts name calling.

"I'm not going to get into a name calling match with the administration's chief attack dog," Reid said. Bonus Video ...

Politico has a piece today about how Democrats are jumping ship before Reid takes on too much water, and sinks.

Several leading Democrats said this week that they did not agree with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's recent statement that "the war is lost" in Iraq, even while they support his broader message.

I guess Reid deviated from his prepared speech, and spoke from the heart when he called the war lost.

Jim Manley, Reid's spokesman, said earlier that the "war is lost" comment was not in Reid's prepared text for the news conference last Thursday. But from now on, Manley said, the senator will "couch it more": The mission in Iraq is not working and must be changed.

You can't write a sitcom character this feeble-minded.

The VA Will Allow Wiccan Symbols

This has been a big issue here in Vegas for a while now. I applaud the decision to finally allow the symbol. This was spearheaded by a local widow of a National Guard soldier who was killed in the War on Terror. You can read about her struggle with the VA here.

Indiana License Plates Are Unconstitutional


The license plates, like our currency, say "In God We Trust." I'll give you four tries to guess who's upset about it ... A-C-L-U.

Fox News:

The "In God We Trust" license plates that have quickly become a fixture on Indiana roads came under a legal attack Monday claiming the law authorizing them is unconstitutional for favoring that message over those on other plates.

The lawsuit filed in Marion Superior Court claims the state Bureau of Motor Vehicles gives preferential treatment to motorists wanting the plates, which also feature the American flag, because they don't have to pay the $15 administrative fee that the agency collects on sales of most other Indiana specialty plates.

Ok, at first glance it appears that the lawsuit was filed because of discrimination of other license plates. Not the fact that "In God We Trust" was on the plates.

The BMV charges the administrative fees in addition to other costs of up to $25 whose proceeds support the causes of the groups or universities promoted by other specialty plates.

"It amounts to a promotion of the plate. The plate is a statement," said ACLU-Indiana attorney Ken Falk. "There is a cost in Indiana to obtain a general specialty plate and to express oneself in that manner, but there is no cost for an 'In God We Trust' plate."

The ACLU is upset that the plate makes a statement for free, and there isn't a charge associated with this plate like with other plates. Usually the money collected from specialty plates goes to benefit that plate's cause.

Unlike other license plates that promote ideas or causes such as the Indianapolis Colts, the arts and service groups, the "In God We Trust" plates do not benefit any faith group or other organization, Burton said.

"It is not a special-interest plate," he said. "It is a stock item. It's the motto of the country. It's on the dollar bill."

Case closed right? If the plate is not supporting a cause, and is simply offered as an alternative to the standard plate ... why should the state be required to charge for it?

The complaint said Studler, to express his support for Indiana's environment, pays $40 more than normal registration fees for an "Environment" specialty plate. Of the total fee, $25 goes to a state trust to buy land for conservation and recreational purposes and the remaining $15 goes to administrative costs.

The complaint said "it is not reasonable to charge Mr. Studler administrative fees that are not assessed against persons who purchase the 'In God We Trust' plate."

So now the hippies are upset because they have to pay a fee for their special plate, but patriots don't. My state has offered your choice of standard plates in the past for no additional cost, and this appears to be no different at all. The state should be applauded for not sticking it to regular folks in an attempt to money grab. Instead they get sued because 10 people approached the ACLU to complain.

Get this! The "In God We Trust" plate may actually be saving the BMV money.

Cook of the BMV said the "In God We Trust" plates cost the agency $3.69 each to produce, compared with $3.19 each for the standard plate with the Web address.

However, since the BMV is replacing the latter with a new standard plate in 2008, the popularity of the "In God We Trust" plate might result in agency savings next year. Customers receiving the "In God We Trust" plates this year will need to receive only renewal stickers the next four years rather than new license plates, Cook said

Could it be that we actually have some forward thinking fiscal responsibility somewhere? With the added bonus of a feel good license plate to boot.

Video: Do You Remember Me ... It's A Tear Jerker

My Grandpa sent this vid to me earlier today, and I figured I would post it for you to enjoy.

Video Attacks Rush Limbaugh And Conservatives As Mass Murderers

A liberal listener of my program sent this video to me. It should be noted that this is the same listener that believes the opinions of our troops don't matter.

Here is my response to him:

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen a more pathetic attempt to label people conservative in my whole life. Not only were there nothing but stereotypical generalizations in that piece, but it was anti-Christian as well. The feeble-minded attempt at linking conservatives with Islamic extremists was by far the funniest part. Especially given that conservatives seem to be the only ones willing to engage, and destroy, the extremists.

I Choose Not To Vote Ballot Option

Florida is looking at putting a ballot option to allow people to vote that they don't want to vote. Fark has a Florida tag for a reason.

It appears that Sen. Mike Bennett pushed SB-494 through. The bill will require a "I choose not to vote" option on the ballots there.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Border Patrol Rips Agency Chief ... Defends Ramos & Compean

Good news out of the illegal immigration front today. The Border Patrol union release a no-confidence resolution against their chief for failing to back up Ramos and Compean.

Fox News:

In a unanimous decision agreed to on Sunday, the top leadership of the National Border Patrol Council lambasted Aguilar for his silence on behalf of Ignacio Ramos, 37, and Jose Alonso Compean, 28. The two are serving 11 and 12 year prison sentences, respectively, as a result of testimony given by a a drug-smuggler who claimed his civil rights were violated when he was shot in the buttocks trying to run across the Mexico border after dropping 743 pounds of marijuana during their pursuit of him.

The only people who believe their imprisonment is justified are criminals, or the ignorant. The case is open and shut as far as their innocence is concerned, and it seems the Border Patrol agents agree. If you need to get caught up ... start here.

The Border Patrol also attacked their chief's support of amnesty.

Among other clauses, the resolution accuses the chief of "shamelessly promoting amnesty and a greatly expanded guest-worker program as key elements of the solution to the illegal immigration crisis" despite intense opposition from front-line agents "who risk their lives enforcing our nation's immigration laws." It also criticizes the agency's willingness "to cut corners in the hiring and training" of new agents.

There has been a huge movement to get President Bush to pardon these two agents. It recently gained serious momentum when it was discovered that the prosecutor and judge had lied to the jury in the case, and withheld evidence that would have cleared Ramos and Compean of any wrongdoing.

Plans For Tallest Building In US Go Forward


Drudge had a link to this story about the Chicago Spire. The Spire will be 150 stories high, and soar over the Freedom Tower in New York to be the tallest building in the US. It will be taller than any building currently standing in the world, but a project in Dubai is planning on being 300 feet taller than the Spire when completed. Sometimes plans change during construction and the tallest building will not be decided until all projects are completed.



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