Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Haditha Marine Has Charges Dropped Against Him

Sgt. Sanick Dela Cruz had charges against him dropped for premeditated murder, and filing a false report.


"Charges against him were dismissed on April 2 after the government balanced his low level of culpability in the alleged crime against the potential value of his testimony," a Marine Corps statement said.

It appears he has also been given immunity for his testimony. The defense for these Marines is very confident that they will be found innocent due to some audio, and video, that the public has not been exposed to.

This seems very likely given the flat out lies claimed by Murtha that these Marines killed in cold blood having not been fired on. We now know that there was an ambush of these Marines and their reinforcements. We also know that a gun battle ensued, like the Marines reported, with terrorist forces. US intelligence also learned while the firefight was happening that the terrorists were recording the battle. That recording was the now famous Haditha video. Not only was the video recorded by the enemy, but it didn't surface for months after the attack ... very suspicious.

I won't give you the whole history of Haditha again, but you can go here, and here for some background and new evidence in the case.


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