Monday, April 23, 2007

Border Patrol Rips Agency Chief ... Defends Ramos & Compean

Good news out of the illegal immigration front today. The Border Patrol union release a no-confidence resolution against their chief for failing to back up Ramos and Compean.

Fox News:

In a unanimous decision agreed to on Sunday, the top leadership of the National Border Patrol Council lambasted Aguilar for his silence on behalf of Ignacio Ramos, 37, and Jose Alonso Compean, 28. The two are serving 11 and 12 year prison sentences, respectively, as a result of testimony given by a a drug-smuggler who claimed his civil rights were violated when he was shot in the buttocks trying to run across the Mexico border after dropping 743 pounds of marijuana during their pursuit of him.

The only people who believe their imprisonment is justified are criminals, or the ignorant. The case is open and shut as far as their innocence is concerned, and it seems the Border Patrol agents agree. If you need to get caught up ... start here.

The Border Patrol also attacked their chief's support of amnesty.

Among other clauses, the resolution accuses the chief of "shamelessly promoting amnesty and a greatly expanded guest-worker program as key elements of the solution to the illegal immigration crisis" despite intense opposition from front-line agents "who risk their lives enforcing our nation's immigration laws." It also criticizes the agency's willingness "to cut corners in the hiring and training" of new agents.

There has been a huge movement to get President Bush to pardon these two agents. It recently gained serious momentum when it was discovered that the prosecutor and judge had lied to the jury in the case, and withheld evidence that would have cleared Ramos and Compean of any wrongdoing.


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