Friday, June 29, 2007

London Under Attack

This makes two massive car bombs discovered in London today.


Looks like they have suspects.

Someone Knew About The Benoit Murders 13 Hours Before The Police, & It Wasn't Benoit

Now the mysterious poster is claiming that it was a tragic joke ... riiiight.

This is all a little too coincidental for me. While there are possible reasons to explain away the correlations between the Benoit deaths, Martel's death, and the links to Kevin Sullivan ... there is enough for a plausible conspiracy theory here.

As I wrote here ... a former wrestler has already indicted Sullivan as a possible murder suspect in the Benoit case, and I've made it very clear that steroids are merely a scapegoat here. Then all of a sudden we get some guy in New England who decides to play a "joke" on Wikipedia to say that Benoit missed his match because his wife was dead? Not to mention that joke was 13 hours before anyone knew about the murders, and it was before the eerie text messages allegedly sent by Benoit.

There's also a problem with the messages as well. Why would Benoit send the same message to the same person on two different phones?

The messages/phone calls also stated that Nancy, and their son, was throwing up. One even stated that Nancy was in the hospital. Obviously, we need to find out if this is true.

The office of Benoit's doctor was raided as well, but he still maintains that his prescriptions were legitimate.

Hours before the raid began Wednesday night, Dr. Phil Astin had told The Associated Press that he had treated Benoit for low testosterone levels. He said it was likely a result of previous steroid use.

We also know that the Benoit family argued about the care of their son.

A lawyer for the WWE said that Benoit argued with his wife over the care of their mentally retarded son in the days before the three were found dead in their Georgia home.

Attorney Jerry McDevitt said that the issue of caring for the 7-year-old child was a source of "stress and consternation" in the couple's relationship, though it wasn't the only problem in the marriage.

This case is odd to say the least, and I find it a little suspicious that someone would say Nancy was dead just hours before we all knew that. The person who changed the entry in Wikipedia also said that they wrote it in part because of "rumors." Why were there rumors of Nancy's death, and who was responsible for them?

Here's the full text of his apology:

Hey everyone. I am here to talk about the wikipedia comment that was left by myself. I just want to say that it was an incredible coincidence. Last weekend, I had heard about Chris Benoit no showing Vengeance because of a family emergency, and I had heard rumors about why that was. I was reading rumors and speculation about this matter online, and one of them included that his wife may have passed away, and I did the wrong thing by posting it on wikipedia to spite there being no evidence. I posted my speculation on the situation at the time and I am deeply sorry about this, and I was just as shocked as everyone when I heard that this actually would happen in real life. It is one of those things that just turned into a huge coincidence. That night I found out that what I posted, ended up actually happening, a 1 in 10,000 chance of happening, or so I thought. I was beyond wrong for posting wrongful information, and I am sorry to everyone for this. I just want everyone to know it was stupid of me, and I will never do anything like this again. I just posted something that was at that time a piece of wrong unsourced information that is typical on wikipedia, as it is done all the time.

Nonetheless, I feel incredibly bad for all the attention this got because of the fact that what I said turned out to be the truth. Like I said it was just a major coincidence, and I will never vandalize anything on wikipedia or post wrongful information. I've learned from this experience. I just can't believe what I wrote was actually the case, I've remained stunned and saddened over it.

I wish not to reveal my identity so I can keep me and my family out of this since they have nothing to do with anything. I am not connected to WWE or Benoit at all in anyway. I am from Stamford as the IP address shows, and I am just an everyday individual who posted a wrongful remark at the time that received so much attention because it turned out to actually happen. I will say again I didn't know anything about the Benoit tragedy, it was a terrible coincidence that I never saw coming.

I hope this puts an end to this speculation that someone knew about the tragedy before it was discovered. It was just a rumor that I had heard about from other people online who were speculating what the family emergency Chris was attending to. I made a big mistake by posting this comment on his page, since all we had were what we thought was going on and nothing about what actually was going on yet, and sadly what happened turned out to be my speculation at the time. I assumed wiki would edit out my information, which they did, so thats why I didn't go back to edit it out myself.

I know I keep repeating it but I feel terrible about the mainstream coverage this has received, since it was only a huge coincidence and a terrible event that should of never happened. I am not sure how to react, as hearing about my message becoming a huge part of the Benoit slayings made me feel terrible as everyone believes that it is connected to the tragedy, but it was just an awful coincidence. That is all I have to say, I will never post anything here again unless it is pure fact, no spam nothing like that. Thank you, and let this end this chapter of the Benoit story, and hopefully one day we will find out why this tragedy ever actually happened.

Maybe he didn't know anything about the murders, but where did he get the information from, and does THAT person know anything? I hope the authorities know his identity since he refuses to release it himself. Since when does anyone who's a part of an investigation get to maintain their anonymity?

Here's some more info to dispel the "roid rage" argument. If Benoit had the personality that everyone says he had ... then it is highly unlikely that steroids would have had this effect on him. Besides, you can't premeditate murder over a 3 day period on a "rage."

I would also like to point out that Martel's toxicology test haven't come back, and they are telling us it would take weeks for Benoit's. It will be interesting to note if there are any similarities with the substances in their bodies.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Did Chris Benoit Murder His Family, Or Was He Murdered?

This is an interesting take on the Benoit murders. Rev. Johnny Lee Clary (former wrestling champion) has hypothesized that Benoit and his family was murdered by Kevin Sullivan ... Nancy's ex.

Rev. Johnny Lee Clary:

The tragic deaths of Chris Benoit and his wife Nancy and son Daniel have shocked the wrestling world. The police are calling it a double-murder-suicide, but is it really? Let’s look at some facts. It has been 10 years exactly since Nancy divorced Kevin Sullivan to marry Chris Benoit. In the 1980’s Sullivan, along with his then-wife Nancy, were running a gimmick in wrestling of how they were Satanists, and Nancy was known as “The Fallen Angel.” She later became known as “Woman.” The trouble with the Satanists gimmick was it was for real, and was not a work, or fake. In the 1990’s Kevin Sullivan was the booker for WCW, and he scripted his wife Nancy into having an affair with Chris Benoit who was a member of the Four Horsemen. This made for a good angle, except, the acting became reality as Chris and Nancy actually fell in love and Nancy divorced Sullivan to marry Benoit.

Benoit left the WCW to go to work for the WWE which was then known as the WWF. It is a fact that Sullivan threatened Benoit and told him he would kill him. Yes, that was 10 years ago, but Kevin Sullivan is no dummy. He is known for being a calculating, cold-hearted individual. Today, according to a source close to me, Kevin Sullivan is a high ranking member of the Satanic Church. The police need to consider the possibility that Sullivan carried out these gruesome murders in order to have his revenge, which is what Satanists live for. He could have entered the home, with an accomplice or accomplices and held the Benoit’s at gunpoint, Sullivan could have then bound up Nancy, and made Benoit and his son watch as he strangled the life out of her. Then the next day after making Benoit and his son spend the day in agony, murdered Benoit’s little boy because of his hatred for the offspring of Benoit and Nancy. Then he could have made Benoit wait an entire day before killing him to by hanging him in the basement.

Hmmm ... interesting to say the least. I decided to check some of this out, and discovered a few things myself.

Aside from Nancy leaving Sullivan to be with Benoit ... Sullivan lost his job because of Benoit just a few short years ago.

According to Wikipedia (I know, but give me a break):

Sullivan is among those blamed for the 2000 departure of Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero and Perry Saturn from WCW, though by no direct action of his own. After the departure of Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo, the resulting chaos led to Sullivan's promotion to head booker. This move infuriated a number of WCW wrestlers, given Sullivan's history of professional rivalries (notably Benoit) and poor decisions. Sullivan booked Benoit to win the WCW title at Souled Out 2000 in a desperate attempt to quell the uprising, but Benoit, Malenko, Guererro and Saturn would quit the night after, immediately signing with the WWF. Sullivan would be fired before WCW's sale in 2001.

Could this whole thing be a real life f--ked up wrestling storyline?

There is also another death that needs to be looked at as well. Sherri Martel was found dead just days before Benoit, and she was also associated with Sullivan. Her death is being treated as suspicious.

Here's the time line of the events leading to the Benoit family's demise.

On The Issue Of Chris Benoit

I have already begun to receive attacks for my stance on Chris Benoit's murder of his family. The media, and authorities, have already begun to use the scapegoat argument that steroids were possibly behind the murders. This is untrue. I provided my thoughts as to why this is untrue in my previous posts HERE, and HERE.

I was subsequently attacked by a few people in the comments, and in my email, for having more knowledge of steroids than they have. No, I have never used steroids ... though I was accused of being a roid head by these few idiots.

I was also accused of praising and idolizing Benoit ... also not true. I simply pointed out the scapegoat "roid rage" argument as being a convenient explanation. This doesn't allow us to know what really happened.

Today, Benoit's unusual text messages have been released to the public, and they clearly show that I was correct about there being no possibility of roid rage. The WWE also backed me up on the issue today as well.

Fox 5 Vegas:

Text Message 1 to two co-workers (sent 6/24 at 3:53 a.m.) - Chris Benoit's cell phone
"My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane, Fayetteville Georgia. 30215"

Text Message 2 to two co-workers (sent 6/24 at 3:53 a.m.) - Chris Benoit's cell phone
"The dogs are in the enclosed pool area. Garage side door is open"

Text Message 3 to two co-workers (sent 6/24 at 3:54 a.m.) - Nancy Benoit's cell phone
"My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane. Fayetteville Georgia. 30215"

Text Message 4 to two co-workers (sent 6/24 at 3:55 a.m.) - Nancy Benoit's cell phone
"My physical address is 130 Green Meadow Lane. Fayetteville Georgia. 30215"

Text Message 5 to one co-worker (sent 6/24 at 3:58 a.m.) - Nancy Benoit's cell phone
"My address is 130 Green Meadow Lane. Fayetteville Georgia. 30215"

The messages clearly show pre-meditation which would be impossible if Benoit was experiencing roid rage.

Some of my critics have pointed out that steroids were found in Benoit's house. So what. The presence of steroids is not proof that steroids were responsible for Benoit's actions. The steroids found were also prescription ... not illegal anabolic steroids. Which indicates treatment of an injury, or some other common problem.

The WWE issued a news release saying steroids "were not and could not be related to the cause of death."

It said the evidence indicates "deliberation, not rage," adding that Benoit tested negative April 10, the last time he was tested for drugs.

I am in no way defending Benoit, or steroid use. I am trying to find the real reason behind the murders. Was she going to leave him? Was there an affair? Was there another medical problem we aren't aware of that may have affected his mood? There are a thousand different questions that may have the answer, and if we focus on the steroid issue we may never know the truth.

Is Fred Thompson Anti-Abortion ... Part Deux?

I was the first to tell you all this about Fred Thompson's abortion history. You can read about that HERE.

Now a video providing more evidence that Fred may have flip-flopped a little on abortion has surfaced.

Iranians Destroy Gas Stations In Protest Of Government Rationing

Visions of things to come here when the Democrats impose such a "green friendly" policy?


At least 12 petrol stations have been torched in the Iranian capital, Tehran, after the government announced fuel rationing for private vehicles.

Don't forget that the price of gas is going to go up because of this.

Senators Durbin & Kerry Propose Fairness Doctrine

Here it comes! More liberal idiots want to impose the fairness doctrine upon all of you. Effectively removing your opportunities for choice, and firmly putting government in control of what you hear, when you hear it, and the government will have at least some control of private businesses. Ain't communism grand?

The Hill:

House Republican lawmakers are preparing to fight anticipated Democratic efforts to regulate talk radio by reviving rules requiring stations to balance conservative hosts such as Rush Limbaugh with liberals such as Al Franken.

Conservatives fear that forcing stations to make equal time for liberal talk radio would cut into profits so drastically that radio executives would opt to scale back on conservative radio programming to avoid escalating costs and interference from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

They say radio stations would take a financial hit if forced to air balanced programming because liberal talk radio has not proved itself to be as profitable as conservative radio. Air America, the liberal counterpunch to conservative talk radio, filed for bankruptcy in October.

But Democratic leaders say that government has a compelling interest to ensure that listeners are properly informed.

Properly informed? Democrat leaders wouldn't know properly informed if it bit them in the ass! Harry Reid's most recent "the surge has failed" lie is proof of that.

It's irrelevant anyway. The government (Dems included) have official ways of "informing" the public at their discretion. Are you telling me that Pelosi will be required to provide the Republican side of an issue on her webpages? Of course not.

Will the country's newspapers that primarily lean left be required to hire right leaning reporters as contributers? Nope.

Will ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and all of their affiliates be required to stop providing biased coverage? Nope.

Why do you think that is? Simple ... the left has great success in these outlets. The left, however, sucks ass at talk radio. That's the target! The only bastion of conservative ideals is talk radio, and the left needs to take that away. Otherwise their monopoly on the media can never be reaffirmed. After talk radio is "reigned in" conservative blogs will be next. Not liberal blogs ... just conservative blogs.

“It’s time to reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine,” said Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). “I have this old-fashioned attitude that when Americans hear both sides of the story, they’re in a better position to make a decision.”

Uh, Americans DO get both sides of the story. They get the left's side in the MSM, and the right's in talk radio. Then we debate the issues in blogs.

Senate Rules Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said she planned to “look at the legal and constitutional aspects of” reviving the Fairness Doctrine.

“I believe very strongly that the airwaves are public and people use these airwaves for profit,” she said. “But there is a responsibility to see that both sides and not just one side of the big public questions of debate of the day are aired and are aired with some modicum of fairness.”

It's a shame Feinstein doesn't practice what she preaches. I've never heard her present the conservative point of view when she attacks the military, war, or president.

Here's audio of John Kerry saying that conservatives gained control of talk radio, and have "squeezed down" and "squeeze out" opposing opinions.

Tonight I will play the audio of Kerry's statements on my talk show ... thereby proving that I am, in fact, allowing his opinion to be expressed as he states it. I'm not squeezing out his opinion ... I'm exposing more people to it. That's what we do in conservative talk radio.

We provide links, facts, and audio of what our opponents say and do. We provide them unedited (as in we don't splice files together to make them say something they never said), and give our opinion about it. Then we take callers on all sides of an issue, and allow opposing viewpoints to be heard. We embrace opposing viewpoints ... we don't suppress them.

Liberal talk radio doesn't do this, and that's why they fail. The liberal hosts who do provide all of the above ... succeed.

I fully expect the "King George" crowd to come out against their liberal allies in Congress, and fight for freedom. Nothing Bush has done will remove any freedoms like the fairness doctrine will.

Nations that have government controlled media are nations with dictators that suppress their population. They do this by controlling what they hear, and only providing the information that the government wants them to hear. Non of us should want the government dictating what we hear.

Massive Forgery Scam Discovered To Allow More Illegals To Qualify For Amnesty

Even the illegals are calling this amnesty!

This was worthy of its own post rather than an addition to today's previous post on the Democrats defeating Sen. Webb's amendment to only grant amnesty to illegals who've been in the US for 4 years or more.

This proved that illegals would pore across the border in order to qualify for amnesty, and a forgery operation has been caught promising to provide proof that illegals were here in time to qualify.

Washington Times:

The head of a Mexican forgery ring was convinced he could make phony documents that illegal aliens could use to indicate fraudulently that they were eligible for a new amnesty, says a government affidavit recounting wiretapped phone calls the man made.

Julio Leija-Sanchez, who ran a $3 million-a-year forgery operation before he was arrested in April, was expecting Congress to pass a legalization program, which he called "amnesty," and said he could forge documents to fool the U.S. government into believing illegal aliens were in the country in time to qualify for amnesty, a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent said in the affidavit.

In recounting a wiretapped telephone conversation, ICE agent Jason E. Medica said he heard Mr. Leija-Sanchez tell an associate the forgery ring could "fix his papers" to meet the requirements of a legalization program such as the bill the Senate is debating today.

Did you see that? Wiretapping allowed the US to discover this operation. How convenient that this information is released the day that the White House gets subpoenaed by the Senate for wiretapping.

Democrats Defeat Amendment To Require Illegals To Return Home Temporarily

I discussed this last night on my program, and pointed out how foolish the Republicans were who voted to revive debate on this bill. They have been saying that they only voted to debate the bill so they could introduce amendments to make it better, but that doesn't hold water.

Bottom line is ... Republicans aren't powerful enough to accomplish any meaningful change in the immigration bill. That was proven the last time around when Democrats defeated an amendment that would have required illegals that have been involved in criminal activity in this country to be deported. If you couldn't pass that ... you can't pass anything.

Today, I was proven right.

An amendment that would have required illegals to leave the US temporarily, and return via official channels was shot down.


The Senate on Wednesday killed a Republican proposal to require all adult illegal immigrants to return home temporarily in order to qualify for permanent lawful status in this country.

Also defeated was a Democratic bid to restrict legal status to those who have been in the United States for four years.

The vote was 53-45 to table an amendment by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, to require that illegal immigrants go home within two years in order to qualify for a renewable Z visa to live and work lawfully in the United States.

The bill, which could grant lawful status to as many as 12 million illegal immigrants, requires only heads of household seeking permanent legal residency to return home to apply for green cards.

Senators also voted 79-18 to kill a proposal by Democratic Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., that would have allowed only those who had been in the country for at least four years to gain lawful status. The bill would make anyone here by Jan. 1, 2007 eligible for legalization.

The defeat of Sen. Webb's amendment is proof positive that we were right in telling you that the new illegals will be granted amnesty.

Senate Subpoenas White House, & Cheney


Well, this boring story just got very interesting. It seems wiretapping may have allowed the US to catch a major Mexican forgery scam designed to provide fake documentation that illegals were in the US long enough to qualify for amnesty.

I know it's a bit boring, and meaningless, but it is a big story today.


The Senate Judiciary Committee subpoenaed the White House and Vice President Dick Cheney's office Wednesday for documents relating to President Bush's warrantless eavesdropping program.

Also named in subpoenas signed by committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D- Vt., were the Justice Department and the National Security Council. The four parties have until July 18 to comply, according to a statement by Leahy's office.

The committee wants documents that might shed light on internal disputes within the administration over the legality of the program.

They are still looking for illegal activity that doesn't exist. I'm tired of talking about the issue to be honest.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Security Breach At O'Hare

It seems that the security at our airports has not improved, but deteriorated since 9/11. Perhaps it's just that we pay more attention now, but either way the lapses in security are getting out of hand.

There have been several security breaches at O'Hare lately, but the more disturbing part is the refusal to launch adequate investigations. O'Hare has also been sweeping them under the rug in an effort to hide the problems.


The 2 Investigators have learned that 47 more employee access badges are missing, bringing the total we've discovered to 3,807 – the biggest security failure involving access badges ever to be exposed.

"Doesn't surprise me,” said Marcia Pinkston. “I am surprised you didn't find more."

Airport employees are allowed to go through a back gate. All they have to do is show their access badge. They are not searched.

Nearly 4,000 access badges have vanished, and they will allow any scumbag into secured areas at the airport without a security check.

One woman, who's badge was stolen, complained about the security at O'Hare and was fired for it.

The latest missing badges belong to employees of Mesa Airlines, which operates flights for United Express. One of them belonged to Pinkston, who worked as a flight attendant.

She says she was fired for complaining about security. She says the airline never asked her to return her access badge and for months she could have used it to gain access to airplanes.

"Just anybody can go in there,” she said.

Last month, Pinkston told CBS 2 about other security failures, including employees sharing security codes or "piggybacking" by following someone through open doors to gain access to secure areas.

At the time, The Transportation Security Administration vowed to investigate.

But Pinkston tells CBS 2 that no one from TSA has contacted her even after she made allegations about piggybacking and code sharing.

Thanks to the CBS 2 investigation, the Department of Aviation fined Mesa Airlines $47,000 because of the missing badges. That’s the first time any airline has been fined for this issue. The TSA has refused to say why they have not interviewed our whistleblower, Marcia Pinkston.

A while back I wrote about major security breaches at the airport in Denver. They allowed 90% of all simulated weapons through security ... including bombs.

UPDATE: Chris Benoit Murdered His Family, Then Self

I eluded to this a little yesterday when the story broke. Unfortunately, it was confirmed (except the religious part) today. Benoit did, in fact, murder his family before killing himself.

They are looking into steroids as a cause, but that is crap. Benoit has been wrestling for a very long time, and has maintained a similar physic for years. Yet he still has a great reputation as a very friendly guy ... both to fans, and his fellow wrestlers alike.

Steroids aren't responsible for this at all, and I'm saddened that this tragedy will be exploited by the anti-steroid lobby to lie to the public about the side effects of steroids. Some steroids do have roid rage symptoms, but they are well known, and often avoided by athletes. Other steroids will give you the same results without the side effects.

Rise Of The Machines!


It seems like everyone is getting robots these days except the US. Now a real life Robocop is on the streets of Russia. Yes, the picture above is that of the robot. It is not a human!


Unlike many Russian policemen, this one won't take bribes, and is always polite. Meet R. BOT 001, Russia's first robot cop now patrolling the streets of the Urals city of Perm.

The prototype of a robot built at a Moscow institute is so far the only one of its kind in the country, state-owned Rossiiskaya Gazeta daily reported Tuesday from Perm.

But at 250 kilograms, a height of 180 centimetres (551 pounds, 5.9 feet), and a form specially designed to make him almost impossible to manhandle, this robot is no pushover, Rossiiskaya Gazeta said.

The machine boasts five cameras, a help button for passersby, and the ability to issue simple instructions, such as asking someone drinking alcohol on the street to take their booze indoors.

I can't help but think about all the sci-fi stories based on this very thing. Clearly, The Terminator, The Matrix, I Robot, and Battlestar Galactica were preparing us for this occasion. All of those stories had one thing in common that led to the robots taking over ... the ability to learn, and/or a malfunction of some sort. Well, it just so happens that this Russian robot has both.

Rain damaged the electronics on its first day and the robot will have to wait out the long Russian winter. But R. BOT 001 is learning.

I'm going through my Nikola Tesla designs to find a countermeasure for the future robot rebellion as we speak.

Immigration Bill Moves Forward

Many were skeptical that this bill would have success today ... I wasn't one of them. I knew that this bill would move forward in the Senate, and that the battle in the House would be where we will make our stand.

The Hill:

The comprehensive immigration reform bill survived a crucial procedural vote Tuesday and took a large step toward Senate passage.

GOP opponents of the measure had claimed that support for the bill was eroding and had hoped that enough former supporters would change their minds to get to the necessary 41 votes to stop the legislation. However, the tenuous coalition that has so far held the compromise together survived its most serious test yet.

However, several amendments remain, both from conservatives and liberals, that could prevent Senate passage.

Take a gander at what Ted Kennedy had to say about the bill, and the citizens of this country.


"We did the right thing today because we know the American people sent us here to act on our most urgent problems. We know they will not stand for small political factions getting in the way," Kennedy said in a statement following the vote.

The question is: Is he delusional, or has he been drinking?

There hasn't been a poll yet that shows the American people support this bill, and I wouldn't call the majority of American citizens a "small political faction" Teddy.

Several of the Republican amendments slated for upcoming Senate votes would make the bill tougher on unlawful immigrants, while those by Democrats would make it easier on those seeking to immigrate legally based solely on family ties.

We all know what happened the last time Republicans introduced amendments to prevent criminals from getting amnesty.

Here's a list of the amendments via Michelle:

Democrat Amendments

Dodd-Menendez S.A. 1199: would increase the annual cap on green cards for parents and extend the parent visitor visa.

Webb S.A. 1313: Community ties for [amnesty]

Baucus-Tester S.A. 1236: would strike all reference[s] to REAL ID.

Sanders-Grassley S.A. 1332 : prohibits companies that have announced mass lay-offs from receiving any new visas, unless these companies could prove that overall employment at their companies would not be reduced by these lay-offs.

Byrd-Gregg-Cochran S.A. 1344: adds a $500 fee to obtain [amnesty] and sets aside the revenues collected in order to fund border and interior enforcement.

Menendez-Obama-Feingold S.A. 1317: increases family points in merit system

Brown S.A. 1340: requires that before employers can be approved to employ Y-1 workers, they must have listed the specific job opportunity with the state employment service agency.

McCaskill S.A. 1468: increases ban on federal contracts, grants or cooperative agreements to employers who are repeat violators of hiring immigrants who are not authorized to work

Levin-Brownback S.A.1486: gives access to Iraqis to apply for refugee status under existing U.S. law.
Leahy S.A. 1386: protect scholars who have been persecuted in their home countries on account of their beliefs, scholarship, or identity.

Schumer: provides for tamper-proof biometric social security cards

Boxer S.A. 1198: reduces Y visa cap by number of Y workers who overstay

Republican Amendments

Alexander S.A. 1161: requires DHS and the Department of State to notify a foreign embassy when one of their nationals has become a U.S. citizen

Bond S.A. 1255: prohibits green cards for [illegal aliens granted amnesty]

Coleman S.A. 1473: outlaws state and local policies that prevent public officials including police and health and safety workers (except for emergency medical assistance) from inquiring about the immigration status of those they serve if there is “probable cause” to believe the individual being questioned is undocumented.

Domenici S.A. 1335/1258: increases Federal judgeships
Ensign S.A. 1490: redetermines work history for current beneficiaries of social security depending on their citizenship status

Graham S.A. 1465: enforcement. Still being drafted.

Grassley-Baucus-Obama S.A. 1441: strikes and replaces Title III on employer enforcement

Hutchinson S.A. 1440: changes the “touchback” requirement from the time of applying for adjustment of status, as it currently stands in the Senate proposed bill, to the time of applying for the Z visa. Increases the number of individuals required to touchback

Thune S.A. 1174: prevents [illegal aliens] from [being granted amnesty] until all triggers have been met.

Chambliss S.A. 1318: Totalization agreements

Isakson S.A. 1282: Preemption/Home Depot

Graham: Criminal penalties/mandatory minimums for overstays

Monday, June 25, 2007

R.I.P. Chris Benoit


I haven't watched wrestling in a while now, but I was a big fan of Benoit's. Sadly, today he and his whole family were found dead. There wasn't any bullet or stab wounds, but it is still being investigated as a homicide. Benoit had canceled his pay-per-view match for ECW the day before citing "personal reasons."


Wrestling star Chris Benoit, his wife, Nancy, and their 7-year-old son Daniel were found dead in their suburban Atlanta home Monday. Authorities are investigating the deaths as homicides.

I hope this doesn't turn out to be some religious sacrifice or something. Clearly there was some major event happening behind the scenes when he canceled his match ... only to turn up dead the next day with his family. The whole thing is very strange, and I hope we all know the truth soon.

By all accounts Benoit was one of the nicest people you'd ever meet ... especially for a wrestler. Here's a tribute I found on Youtube.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lebanon Says Militants Defeated ... Yet Battle Spreads To Tripoli

Talk about sticking your foot in your mouth.

The al Qaeda inspired militants are giving Lebanon a real headache, and somehow manage to continue to get supplies. Today Lebanese officials proclaimed the fight nearly over, but in fact the fighting has spread.


In a statement, the army said it had "completed its control over main (Fatah Islam) positions and was tightening the noose around the group's remaining fugitive members" holed up inside the camp near Lebanon's northern port city of Tripoli.

Al Jazeera is putting a little bit of a different spin on it.

Al Jazeera:

Four Lebanese soldiers died despite the defence minister's claims of victory two days ago.

"There are real fears in Lebanon that the crisis may spill out of the refugee camp.

"We do know that many officials have warned that there could be a rise in the presence of al-Qaeda in Lebanon."

I guess we'll see who is right in a few days.

Constitution Banned In Atlanta


That's right, the US Constitution has been banned in part of Atlanta in order to allow only one activist group the right to free speech while effectively removing constitutional protections from another group.

World Net Daily:

The city of Atlanta has created a Constitution-free zone on public property for this weekend's 2007 Atlanta Pride festival, according to pastors and lawyers who have been trying to secure an assurance that Christians' free-speech rights will be protected.

"The Constitution does not apply in Piedmont Park this weekend," attorney Joel Thornton, of the International Human Rights Group told WND.

There's nothing quite like a march that proclaims to be fighting for "your rights" while stripping you of those very rights at the same time.

An estimated 300,000 people from all areas of the country attend the festival, which is the culmination of Atlanta's "Gay" Pride month, an event welcoming "diversity," "tolerance" and "rights."

Problem is that there is no diversity, or tolerance allowed at this particular event. Should diversity and tolerance rear their ugly heads ... they'll be arrested.

The pic above is a screen shot from a video recored at last year's event in Atlanta where the same policy of intolerance was implemented. A group of Christians were told that if they didn't get off of public land ... they would be arrested because their message was not "congruent" to the gay pride message.

Since they were told to move across the street or be arrested ... they moved across the street. Where they were attacked by raging gay pride enthusiasts. Again, their rights were violated, but this time the police didn't even bother to show up. So the Atlanta police department is ok with threatening arrest (which is illegal) to law abiding citizens, but will do nothing when people are attacked ... great.

The full video and story are on the link above.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Suspected Eco-Terrorist Caught In Colorado


I stress the "suspected" part, but the evidence is compelling to say the least. He had an bunch of weapons, explosives materials, and magazines published by the Animal Liberation Front (known terrorist group). So, the evidence is like I said ... pretty compelling.

CBS Denver:

Ronald Swerlein, 50, was arrested last weekend on suspicion of possessing and making explosives. He told police he was developing fuel for model rockets.

Police Sgt. Tim Lewis said investigators have found no indication Swerlein intended to attack anyone or that he was working with anyone else.

So far, so good.

Swerlein was arrested Sunday after the initial police search of his home. A second search on Tuesday turned up four magazines from the Animal Liberation Front, Lewis said. The magazines described arsons and the use of explosives claimed by the group, a search warrant affidavit said.

The FBI's top terrorism officer has described ALF as a terrorist group that uses criminal violence against the fur industry, restaurants and animal research labs. On its Web site, ALF says it works to reduce animal suffering and that its actions "may be against the law."

Now ... so far, not so good.

Police first searched Swerlein's home on June 15 after a neighbor reported hearing three explosions at the house three days earlier. He was arrested on Sunday after police confirmed the nature of chemicals found in the house.

Police said the 400 chemicals they found included homemade nitroglycerin and MEKP, a volatile chemical that had been stabilized and hidden in the basement.

Officers said they also found model rockets, rocket kits and engines, a launching pad for model rockets, books on homemade explosives, expensive chemistry glassware, a handwritten "to-do" list and warning note, flare guns, a Taser weapon and three metal grenade shells.

Police would not discuss the contents of the list or the note.

Now throw in that he had 7 handguns, and you have yourself a terrorist in the making.

While he did have model rockets ... it doesn't explain everything in his possession. It is possible that was his cover story from the get go as well.

Forgive me here ... I don't make model rockets, but I'm assuming a book on homemade explosives isn't real relevant to that hobby. The taser and flare guns are no big deal either, and we don't know what was in the "warning note."

MEKP is used by hobbyists in casting, but was also the suspected explosive to be used in the 2006 aircraft plot to blow up a bunch of planes heading to the US.

The one that gets me is the nitroglycerin, and grenade shells. He could easily make an improvised anti-personnel explosive with those two materials. I wonder if they found any BB's as well?

Anyway, you throw it all together with the ALF magazines, and this guy will likely be convicted of some minor infraction.

Factcheck Rips Dem Candidates On Flex Fuels

I won't bore you with all of the other alternatives to gasoline that are far better than ethanol.

Nor will I bore you with how much money politicians have in the company who has a near monopoly on ethanol in the US (Archer Daniel Midland), or that ADM is one of the largest companies in the world, and is one of the worst polluters in the US.

I will simply provide you with this link to a very clear, unbiased article outlining that ethanol is not what it appears to be ... just yet.


If you are interested in a hot rod that goes 0-60 mph in 3.9 seconds, is 100% electric, gets the equivalent of 135 mpg, and looks like this:


Seriously, Why Can't Democrat Websites Get Pictures Of Our Troops Right?

Michelle Malkin

You'll notice that this is not an image of an American soldier. Well, we veterans know, but for you noobs ... the word Canada can be seen on the shoulder.

Yep, a member of the Canadian military graces the pages of yet another Democrat website ... again. This time it was Nancy Pelosi's ... last time it was the DNC's page.

For crying out loud people ... where are you finding all of these pictures of Canadian military personnel?

Anti-Communist Protest In D.C.

Finally, a protest that has an informed message.

Michelle is covering this really well, and there is little I can add. It's a protest against the communist government of Vietnam.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Thousands Of Iraqi Protesters Shout: "Death To Al Qaeda"


Completely ignored by the MSM!


Thousands of protesters also rallied in the Shiite holy city of Najaf, 100 miles south of Baghdad, waving Iraqi flags and the black and green Shiite banners with slogans such as "Death to al-Qaida" in a show of unity following the bombing that brought down the twin minarets of a revered mosque in Samarra.

Bear in mind that this story originates from the AP ... so they immediately highlight the casualties the US has taken with the recent offensives. That way they don't have to focus too much attention on the Iraqis turning against al Qaeda in Iraq.

I also challenge you to point out the highlights of the at least 60 terrorists US forces have killed in the past two days (that we know of).

Mike Yon (embedded and in combat) is the best reporter from the ground in Iraq ... PERIOD! Here's a little about what he had to say:

The enemy in Baqubah is as good as any in Iraq, and better than most. That’s saying a lot. But our guys have been systematically trapping them, and have foiled some big traps set for our guys. I don’t want to say much more about that, but our guys are seriously outsmarting them. Big fights are ahead and we will take serious losses probably, but al Qaeda, unless they find a way to escape, are about to be slaughtered. Nobody is dropping leaflets asking them to surrender. Our guys want to kill them, and that’s the plan.

You can read more HERE.

Hotair has more on the biased coverage of the offensives.

If you really want to know what's going on then you MUST READ Soldier of Fortune magazine. There is no better source of information in the world about global conflicts.

John Edwards' Daughter Picks Hillary



At least we know he's a good father. He did teach his child to think after all.

Big Surprise ... Reporters Give More Money To Democrats

As if we all didn't know that already. There is a small group of folks out there running around saying the media is controlled by the right wing, but all of them are being controlled by the left. Surely you didn't believe them ... did you?

The best part is that the news agency that reported this is in the tank for liberals.

MSNBC: identified 144 journalists who made political contributions from 2004 through the start of the 2008 campaign, according to the public records of the Federal Election Commission. Most of the newsroom checkbooks leaned to the left: 125 journalists gave to Democrats and liberal causes. Only 17 gave to Republicans. Two gave to both parties.

The MSM will not like this evidence coming to light ... especially from NBC. Of the major news agencies, NBC (and all affiliates) is the farthest leaning left. Expect some backlash. Let the media civil war begin.


Here's the full list of who donated to who. You will find some very interesting things on this list. There are several people who work for traditionally conservative companies who donated to the Dems.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Texas Crowd Murders Man After Child Is Hit By Car ... Racism?

The man who was murdered is NOT the driver of the vehicle that hit the child. He was trying to keep the crowd from getting to the driver when they turned on him.

Given the event the crowd was attending ... I'm wondering if we have a racist motive here.

Sierra Times:

An angry crowd beat a man to death after a vehicle he was riding in struck and injured a young girl, police said Wednesday.

Police believe 2,000 to 3,000 people were in the area for a Juneteenth celebration when the attack occurred Tuesday night.

The driver had stopped to check on the little girl at the entrance to an apartment complex when a group of men attacked him, authorities said. The passenger, David Rivas Morales, 40, got out to try to help the driver, but the crowd turned on him, said police Commander Harold Piatt.

Morales was beaten to death by as many as 20 men and left lying in a parking lot, Piatt said. A preliminary autopsy listed blunt force trauma as the cause of death.

The little girl, 3 or 4 years old, was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

The driver, who got away from the crowd, is cooperating with investigators, police said.

I don't know how the crowd was dispersed at this event, or if that had something to do with the driver not being able to see the girl until it was too late.

Since she was 3 or 4 ... where was her parents?

This wasn't a hit and run, and the driver stopped to check on the girl when he was attacked.

The event is Juneteenth ... a day commemorating the end of slavery in the US. Specifically, Juneteenth marks the day Gen. Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston in 1865 to share news of the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed slaves two years earlier on Jan. 1, 1863.

The victim, David Rivas Morales, has a hispanic name, and is likely not black. I don't know who the driver is, or what race they are. However, I'm betting they aren't black either.

This leads me to believe that we may have a racially motivated attack here by the black crowd celebrating the end of slavery. This would not be the first time a black crowd has turned on members of other races. (That is a fact, and observation ... not a racist statement. Nor is it implying that only black crowds turn on other races.)

It should be noted that we don't know if the girl was black at this point either.

If this ends up playing out the way I hypothesis ... will the attackers be charged with hate crimes?


Well, no surprise here ... authorities are saying that there is no indication of a hate crime here ... RIIIGHT. Just like there is no indication of a hate crime here either.


The child hit was a 2 year old boy ... again, where are his parents?

Airline Passengers Forced To Fly With Raw Sewage For Hours


Now this is a sh--ty flight!

Try to imagine sitting in a plane with overflowing sewage running down the aisle for 7 HOURS! Well, that's exactly what happened to these people.

King 5:

Passengers on a Continental Airlines flight had to hold their noses for hours as sewage overflowed from toilets while they were high over the Atlantic.

That's after lavatories - in the middle of a flight filled with passengers - started spewing sewage.

It turns out that there was only 1/2 a working bathroom on the whole plane ... with over 200 passengers.

The plane had also made a pit stop in Ireland the day before because there was a problem with the toilets. The problem was supposed to have been fixed, and the plane took off the next day with the same passengers.

Flight attendants still served meals. Though they told passengers to not eat or drink much, and they looked like this while they were doing it.

To add insult to injury ... Continental refused to refund the passenger's money. Instead, they gave a $500 voucher for a future flight on THEIR airline. I smell a lawsuit a comin. After that I bet Continental will wish they would have refunded the money to the passengers.

Here's a couple more picks:

Make sure you check out the video at the link above.


Continental has finally apologized after being exposed in the media. What took you so long? Oh, right ... you wanted to sweep this under the rug.

Continental has also said that they are compensating the passengers of the flight, but declined to say how or how much. A voucher for a future flight is NOT compensation! These passengers paid for a service that they did not receive, and Continental had better step up before they are looking at further bankruptcy.

UPDATE: Jimmy Carter Supporting Terrorists

I meant to include this in the post yesterday about Jimmy Carter supporting terrorists that have officially declared war on the United States, but never got around to it.

While Jimmy Carter was singing the praises of Hamas ... Hamas was busy murdering innocent civilians who were marching (1,000 strong) in a peace demonstration in Gaza.


The NY Times, in a very Carter-esc moment, also steps up to the plate for Hamas. (With Video)


There is a reason I added an Ohio tag a while back (stay tuned for the Colorado tag). Crazy stories out of Ohio are commonplace, and I regularly highlight them on my program. The latest addition to Ohio lunacy is from their Governor. It may seem out of place in this post, but I assure you it isn't. We are talking about Hamas after all.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jimmy Carter Steps Up To The Plate ... Supports Terrorists


Hamas is the world's most prolific terrorist organization. They are responsible for more attacks than any other group. Hamas has violated cease-fire agreements with Fatah at least a half-dozen times during their struggle for power, and that is leaving out the dozens of times they've violated the cease-fire agreements with Israel. All of those violations led to open warfare, and dead civilians.

Now Jimmy Carter is telling the US and Europe to stop favoring Fatah. Fatah being the pro-west friendly guys.

Jerusalem Post:

The United States, Israel and the European Union must end their policy of favoring Fatah over Hamas, or they will doom the Palestinian people to deepening conflict between the rival movements, former US President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday.

No Jimmy, you need to end your support for Hamas, or YOU will doom the Palestinian people to deepening conflict.

Hamas has declared that there can never be piece with the "Zionist Entity", and they have declared war on the United States on more than one occasion. Why shouldn't we favor Fatah? Name one legitimate reason why the US and Israel should favor Hamas who has declared war on us both?

Carter said Hamas, besides winning a fair and democratic mandate that should have entitled it to lead the Palestinian government, had proven itself to be far more organized in its political and military showdowns with the Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

This is a flat out lie. Hamas won elections to be a part of the government ... not to run it completely. It was akin to the Dems winning Congress back in the last election. That did not entitle them to run the White House as well. Hamas then started a war with Fatah in order to steal all of the power away. This forced Fatah to respond in kind.

Then Jimmy says that we should support Hamas because they are more organized than Fatah? That should be the reason that we help Fatah ... that way we can even the playing field for our allies.

During his speech to Ireland's eighth annual Forum on Human Rights, the 83-year-old former president said monitors from his Carter Center observed the 2006 election in which Hamas won 42 percent of the popular vote and a majority of parliamentary seats.

Carter said that election was "orderly and fair" and Hamas triumphed.

Jimmy can't possibly be saying that only winning 42% of the popular vote while picking up more seats is a success. That's impossible for him to say given his attacks on Bush not winning the popular vote, but winning the electoral college. Jimmy didn't say that was a triumph. He said that was stealing.

There can be little doubt now ... Carter is rooting for our enemies to win ... both against our allies, and us as well.

Man Fired For Saving Woman's Life

This is becoming epidemic in this country, and he has a major lawsuit against his former employer that will be based on his constitutional rights.

The Times-Union:

When a neighbor screamed she'd been shot, Colin Bruley grabbed his shotgun, found the victim and began treating her bloodied right leg.

Tonnetta Lee survived Tuesday's pre-dawn shooting at her Jacksonville apartment, and her sister and a neighbor praised Bruley's actions. But his employers, the same people who own the Arlington complex where Bruley lives, reacted differently. They fired him.

Bruley, a leasing agent at the Oaks at Mill Creek, said he lost his job after being told that brandishing the weapon was a workplace violation, as was failing to notify supervisors after the incident occurred.

Bruley said he was too shaken to call his supervisor immediately after the incident, which occurred just before 2 a.m., but planned to eventually do so. He also said he was acting as a citizen, not an employee, and shouldn't have been punished for trying to protect himself and others. He never fired the shotgun.

See what I mean about a legal case based on his constitutional rights? We was not at work ... he was at home.

This is what the company had to say to him about his being fired:

A complaint Bruley said was given to him by his supervisor Tuesday said he violated several company policies found in an employee handbook. Those procedures were also explained in a recent meeting and an e-mail, the complaint said. One policy prohibits any type of weapons being used in the workplace. The complaint cited him for "gross misconduct."

Ok, the employee handbook, emails, and the meeting are all irrelevant. It is a violation of the Constitution to require that your employees relinquish their second amendment rights simply because they also live on property. There is no liability for the complex either because he was not at work during the incident, and was acting as a concerned citizen. Therefore, the complex can not be held legally liable for the incident, and Mr. Bruley is protected by good samaritan laws.

Companies are really pushing the limits with regards to controlling their employee's behavior outside of the work place. Typically, it has been a free speech issue by not allowing them to post to blogs, or have websites. Now it has advanced into a citizen's right to bear arms.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Horrendous Orphanage Found In Iraq


For now this is a CBS exclusive story.

US forces discovered a pretty sickening situation at an Iraqi orphanage. I've included a couple more photos below.


It was a scene that shocked battle-hardened soldiers, captured in photographs obtained exclusively by CBS News.

On a daytime patrol in central Baghdad just over than a week ago, a U.S. military advisory team and Iraqi soldiers happened to look over a wall and found something horrific.

"They saw multiple bodies laying on the floor of the facility," Staff Sgt. Mitchell Gibson of the 82nd Airborne Division told CBS News chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan. "They thought they were all dead, so they threw a basketball (to) try and get some attention, and actually one of the kids lifted up their head, tilted it over and just looked and then went back down. And they said, 'oh, they're alive' and so they went into the building."

This is a government run orphanage for special needs children.

"I saw children that you could see literally every bone in their body that were so skinny, they had no energy to move whatsoever, no expression on their face," Staff Sgt. Michael Beale said.

"The kids were tied up, naked, covered in their own waste — feces — and there were three people that were cooking themselves food, but nothing for the kids," Lt. Stephen Duperre said.

While the soldiers saw these images of the starving children ... they found three workers cooking for themselves.

Logan asked: So there were three people cooking their own food?

"They were in the kitchen, yes ma'am," Duperre said.

With all these kids starving around them?

"Yes ma'am," Duperre said.

It didn't stop there. The soldiers found kitchen shelves packed with food and in the stockroom, rows of brand-new clothing still in their plastic wrapping.

Instead of giving it to the boys, the soldiers believe it was being sold to local markets.

The man in charge, the orphanage caretaker, had a well-kept office — a stark contrast to the terrible conditions just outside that room.

"I got extremely angry with the caretaker when I got there," Capt. Benjamin Morales said. "It took every muscle in my body to restrain myself from not going after that guy."

That caretaker is now on the run, and has disappeared. They did take two guards into custody though.

Also in an Abu Ghraib esc moment ... two of the women who worked there posed for pictures with the naked boys. They too are on the run.

Below are some more photos taken at the scene, but be warned ... they are graphic.

You can see the rest at CBS's website.

Suicide Bombers Sent To The US

ABC News is reporting that suicide homicide bombers have recently been sent to the US to carry out attacks.


Large teams of newly trained suicide bombers are being sent to the United States and Europe, according to evidence contained on a new videotape obtained by the Blotter on

Teams assigned to carry out attacks in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and Germany were introduced at an al Qaeda/Taliban training camp graduation ceremony held June 9.

A Pakistani journalist was invited to attend and take pictures as some 300 recruits, including boys as young as 12, were supposedly sent off on their suicide missions.

It is ABC News, so be cautious about the reporting. However, we all knew this day would come sooner or later. The US intelligence community is calling it propaganda. I guess we'll find out soon enough. It sure would be nice if this "reporter" was taken into custody so we could extract all data that he may be withholding. Then we can kill these bastards, and anyone involved with their plot.

For All Of You Idiots Out There: Sectarian Violence In Baghdad Is Down

The reason why I broke with my usual friendly demeanor and called people idiots in my header is pretty simple ... only an idiot will say that sectarian violence in Baghdad is worse than it has been.

I don't know that there is anyone outside of official channels that has given you as much proof of that than I have, but here's some more.

As I told you here on the 1st of May, and again when I broke down Harry Reid's lies about the Pentagon's report on Iraq, and saying the surge failed ... sectarian violence is down. That fact will not change no matter who leaves comments on this blog, or any other, saying the opposite of what the facts are.

American Forces Press Service:

Sectarian murders and executions in Baghdad are declining, the commander of U.S. forces in Iraq said on the "Fox News Sunday" television program.

Army Gen. David H. Petraeus told host Chris Wallace via satellite link from Baghdad that the U.S. troop surge has helped reduce sectarian murders and executions in Baghdad by one-third between January and April. And despite an uptick in violence in May, the levels of violence are again going down.

"The fact is, as we go on the offensive, the enemy is going to respond," Petraeus said.

So how much of an increase in violence last month is the General talking about? Take a look for yourself.

If the violence had gone down by that much the MSM would have said that there was no decrease in violence. In other words ... the number of sectarian murders was roughly the same as the month before, and so far this month they are down.

There is NO DENYING that the number of sectarian murders, and incidents, has decreased since last year. Just look at the graphic. Where does that graphic come from? The same report the Pentagon released that compelled Reid to call the surge a failure.

Since there is less Sunni on Shia gang murders, the violence we are seeing now is because of the coalition offensives that have been launched as a part of the surge. The surge that is succeeding, not failing, according to the Pentagon's report.


Al Qaeda has typically had support in Diyala ... not anymore.

US Troops Kill Scores Of Insurgent Scum, & Find More Iranian Made Weapons

Now that the new offensive has started, you will see an increase in violence as we engage the enemy.

The US military has been having great success the past couple of weeks in killing, and capturing insurgents. The MSM has been reporting every casualty we take while ignoring the scores more of the enemy killed. Glad to see that the MSM is consistent in its biased coverage.

Anyway, more Iranian weapons were found in Iraq as a result of the new offensive just launched.

American Forces Press Service:

Coalition forces killed 21 insurgents, detained 31 and wounded six others in Iraq over the past three days, military officials said. Meanwhile, troops there discovered six Iranian-made rockets.

Coalition forces killed at least 20 terrorists, wounded six others and detained a suspect during operations this morning targeting secret cells operating in the Maysan province of eastern Iraq.

The detained individual is an alleged member of the secret cell terrorist network known for transporting weapons and explosively formed penetrators -- a particularly deadly, armor-piercing form of roadside bombs -- from Iran to Iraq, military officials said. The group also is responsible for bringing militants from Iraq to Iran for terrorist training.

Did you get that last part? Yet another piece of evidence that Iran is both arming, and training Iraqi insurgents.

In a raid in Baghdad and Haditha yesterday, coalition forces detained six suspected terrorists whose network supports Syria-based extremists and provides suicide bombers, vehicles and explosives for the cell.

That's right ... Syria-based extremists. You can also add that bit of intel to the pile on Syria and Iran being involved in Iraq's continued violence.

Just so you fully understand the type of people who we are fighting over there ... the six Iranian rockets were found in a school yard. The same place that coalition forces had been receiving fire from earlier in the day.

Anyone Interested In Seeing What Religion Is Actively Practiced At Some Schools

The ACLU is nowhere to be found with this religious brainwashing either.

Al Gore Mad We Are Talking About Paris Hilton

I'm in agreement with Gore here somewhat. The Hilton thing is a little much, but don't believe his reason why he's upset.

The Sun Online:

AL GORE is a man on a mission to save the planet – and is enraged that everyone else seems more interested in saving Paris Hilton.

He believes we have just TEN YEARS to begin saving the planet before it is too late.

But he struggles to get his message across when TV networks are donating the majority of their airtime to American socialite Paris Hilton’s stint behind bars.

The planet is in distress and all of the attention is on Paris Hilton. We have to ask ourselves what is going on here?”

Gore would have you believe that he is mad we aren't talking about global warming more, but he is really upset that we aren't talking about HIM more.

No Physical Contact At Schools Allowed

When I was in school in Las Vegas there was a policy exactly like this one. The school enforced it for a short period of time, but soon realized that they could not control the situation. Besides, you don't come off so well if you say that you don't have the manpower to run a school, but somehow find a way to RPC 100's of kids who gave each other high-fives.

Washington Post:

All touching -- not only fighting or inappropriate touching -- is against the rules at Kilmer Middle School in Vienna. Hand-holding, handshakes and high-fives? Banned. The rule has been conveyed to students this way: "NO PHYSICAL CONTACT!!!!!"

School officials say the rule helps keep crowded hallways and lunchrooms safe and orderly, and ensures that all students are comfortable.

Uh, no ... it doesn't ensure the students are comfortable. It ensures that the school administration is comfortable.

Deborah Hernandez, Kilmer's principal, said the rule makes sense in a school that was built for 850 students but houses 1,100. She said that students should have their personal space protected and that many lack the maturity to understand what is acceptable or welcome.

"You get into shades of gray," Hernandez said. "The kids say, 'If he can high-five, then I can do this.'"

Wow ... kids aren't mature enough to understand what kind of touching they would welcome from another person? You must protect the student's personal space from themselves?

I tell you what ... let's tear down all of our schools, and force everyone to attend class online. That way we are assured that they will never come in contact with anyone else. What better way to protect the child's personal space then to prevent them from making an immature decision to allow a friend to give them a hug, pat them on the back, or shake hands? Eventually, we'll have a world that lives in virtual reality, and never leaves home because of mass social anxiety disorder.

Another Female Teacher Has Sex With Boy. Bonus: He's Dating Her Daughter

The womanist movement sure seems determined to prove to everyone that they can do whatever men can do, only better. It has become more commonplace to hear about female teachers engaging in sexual relations with boys than the opposite, and it seems to only be getting more prevalent.

What Does Hillary And Che Have In Common?


More than just this shirt. Click the pic for the link.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Global Warming Caused Darfur Genocide ... Part Two

This is a story that I wrote about back in March, but is being rehashed at the UN.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon appears to have fallen under the spell that all of our problems stem from global warming. What a shame ... I had high hopes for this guy.


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that the slaughter in Darfur was triggered by global climate change and that more such conflicts may be on the horizon, in an article published Saturday.

"The Darfur conflict began as an ecological crisis, arising at least in part from climate change," Ban said in a Washington Post opinion column.

UN statistics showed that rainfall declined some 40 percent over the past two decades, he said, as a rise in Indian Ocean temperatures disrupted monsoons.

"This suggests that the drying of sub-Saharan Africa derives, to some degree, from man-made global warming," the South Korean diplomat wrote.

"It is no accident that the violence in Darfur erupted during the drought," Ban said in the Washington daily.

When Darfur's land was rich, he said, black farmers welcomed Arab herders and shared their water, he said.

With the drought, however, farmers fenced in their land to prevent overgrazing.

"For the first time in memory, there was no longer enough food and water for all. Fighting broke out," he said.

Wow, talk about a lack of historical perspective. Sudan has had a major problem with Arabs fighting Africans for centuries now, and it had little to do with global warming. The first Sudanese civil war started in 1955, and lasted until 1972. It was fought between north and south Sudan. South Sudan being Christian, and north being Muslim. There were geographical and political reasons for the conflict as well, but the Muslim, Christian thing is pretty important.

The second Sudanese civil war started in 1983, but is considered by most to merely be a continuation of the first civil war. Again ... it was fought between Arab, and non-Arab. Southern Sudan has been trying to get autonomy, or outright secession from the north for many years to no avail.

Just so we are clear ... this conflict between the two cultural populations of Sudan has been happening since the 1700's ... LONG before global warming. Well, at least man-made global warming.

One of the reasons the conflict has been going for centuries is natural resources. The south has more oil, and fertile land (due to vastly more rainfall). The northern part of Sudan is on the edge of the Sahara Desert. A place that is not known for rainfall ... even before global warming. The north wants to control these resources, and the south wants to hold onto them ... hence the warfare. Unlike what Ban had to say ... this conflict has been raging for centuries, and there was no "welcoming" of Arabs to use the African Sudanese's water.

That's right ... the same reasons the northern and southern part of Sudan have been waring for centuries is exactly what caused the genocide in Darfur. The northern Arab Sudanese want the oil, water, and fertile land that the southern Sudanese people have always had. There is no new variable such as man-made global warming that has contributed to this conflict. The conflict between these two regions predates the nation of Sudan itself, and it predates the Industrial Revolution.


Looks like the BBC has been biased in their global warming coverage. Don't take my word for it ... take theirs.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Is Fred Thompson Anti-Abortion?


Hotair has a link to a new Fred Thompson video outlining his pro-life positions, but it seems to contradict his previously held stances somewhat.

I would like to preface this post by saying that I support Fred Thompson, and would likely endorse him for president when he makes it official. I just found something in his background that didn't quite gel.

Project Vote Smart is a great site to research candidates both on the national, and local, levels. They have a question and answer sheet that they give to candidates to outline their positions on various issues. Most candidates take the time to answer the questions, and then Vote Smart publishes those answers on their site. That way you and I can look up a candidate to see where they stand on issues that are important to us.

Thompson has not answered one for this upcoming election yet, but he did answer the questions a few years ago. Vote Smart still has his answers on their site, and there was an interesting response from Thompson regarding abortion.

As you can see from Thompson's answers above ... he believes abortion should be legal. Now that doesn't mean that he supports abortion by any means, and his voting record on abortion is clearly pro-life. However, this may hurt Thompson's attempts at painting himself as a staunch pro-life candidate ... as he seems to be doing in the video link above.



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