Monday, June 04, 2007

Food Fight Leads To Arrests, Felony Charges

At first glance upon the headline above you'd probably think this was another case of an abusive legal system. Well, not quite.


A high school senior accused of starting a massive food fight that left a police officer injured was among three students arrested in the prank.

At least 200 students were in West Aurora High School's cafeteria when french fries, milk, sandwiches and pizza slices were hurled in a free-for-all, authorities said.

According to one lunch worker the kids bought food just so they could throw it. Now I'm always down for a food melee, but when you start throwing full bottles of soda, and slushies, we've got a problem. There was a robbery here in Vegas some years ago where the robber through a full 40oz drink at the clerk's head. It connected ... the clerk was knocked out cold, and sent to the hospital.

The alleged instigator, Demetrius Oglesby, 18, faces a felony charge of resisting arrest after authorities said he ran from a police officer. The officer tripped over another student who had fallen during the food fight, breaking his foot. A school official also suffered minor injuries.

Two juveniles also face misdemeanor charges from the incident, including a 15-year-old charged with mob action and disorderly conduct and a 14-year-old charged with assault.

Students said rumors of the food fight had been circulating throughout the 3,000-student school all week as a senior prank.

Some seniors just don't know how to pull a prank off anymore, but then again ... many schools won't really let them get away with the same old pranks of yore.


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