Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Students Denied Diplomas Because Families Cheered Them At Graduation

I am getting so sick of schools and their attitude at graduations. Graduation used to be about the student's accomplishments, and celebration was encouraged as well as deserved. Now schools are making it a snob nosed formality that few wish to attend. My graduation was horrifyingly painful, but at least my family and friends were allowed to cheer me on.

Not so in this case.


Five students denied diplomas after cheers erupted when their names were called at a high school graduation emerged empty-handed Tuesday from a meeting with school administrators.

The students and their families met briefly with Galesburg High School officials at an administration building, but they were again denied the diplomas because no one apologized to school officials for the cheers at the May 27 ceremony.

The students in the central Illinois town about 150 miles southwest of Chicago will still graduate and receive their transcripts, even if they don't receive the keepsake diplomas.

School officials withheld the diplomas because they said the cheering violated a school policy aimed at restoring graduation decorum. Officials told the five female students and their parents Friday that they would hand over diplomas if they received apologies -- even anonymously.

These jerks want family members to apologize for cheering for their loved ones? Well, they said they'd take an apology anonymously ... so I sent them an apology.

This is a screen shot of the high school's webpage:

Here's a shot of my email before I sent it:

I guess we'll see if they accept my apology, and grow up.


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