Monday, June 04, 2007

Egypt Frees Convicted Islamic Jihad Terrorists

130 of them to be exact.

So what Casey, they probably weren't guilty anyway, and that's why they were released ... wrong! Not only were they guilty, but the group they belong to (Egyptian Islamic Jihad) is under a worldwide embargo by the United Nations as an affiliate of al Qaeda. That would be bin Laden's al Qaeda ... not al Qaeda in Iraq (Land of Two Rivers).

The United States Department of the Treasury puts Egyptian Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda on the same level, and even the Russian Federation maintains a ban on this group.

Apparently the group's goals are to overthrow the Egyptian government, replace it with an Islamic State in order to attack the US and Israel. In 1982 Sheikh Tamimi (one of the group's leaders) authored a booklet called "The Obliteration of Israel: A Koranic Imperative."

So why would Egypt release 130 convicted terrorists who's mission is to overthrow the Egyptian government? The terrorists promised to never use violence again, and Egypt believed them.

Al Jazeera:

Egyptian authorities have released 130 members of an armed group, including a provincial leader, after they signed pledges of non-violence, security officials say.

The prisoners freed on Monday are all members of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad group who had been convicted of participating in terrorist and anti-government activity.

This isn't the first time Egypt has released batches of these guy either. They've been doing it since 2006 ... supposedly because the group has "apologized" for its violent actions.

This is enough to make you wonder about our own upcoming election. If we elect a president who doesn't believe in the War on Terror ... will they release convicted terrorists who's stated mission is to destroy us ... just as Egypt has done?


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