Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jimmy Carter Steps Up To The Plate ... Supports Terrorists


Hamas is the world's most prolific terrorist organization. They are responsible for more attacks than any other group. Hamas has violated cease-fire agreements with Fatah at least a half-dozen times during their struggle for power, and that is leaving out the dozens of times they've violated the cease-fire agreements with Israel. All of those violations led to open warfare, and dead civilians.

Now Jimmy Carter is telling the US and Europe to stop favoring Fatah. Fatah being the pro-west friendly guys.

Jerusalem Post:

The United States, Israel and the European Union must end their policy of favoring Fatah over Hamas, or they will doom the Palestinian people to deepening conflict between the rival movements, former US President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday.

No Jimmy, you need to end your support for Hamas, or YOU will doom the Palestinian people to deepening conflict.

Hamas has declared that there can never be piece with the "Zionist Entity", and they have declared war on the United States on more than one occasion. Why shouldn't we favor Fatah? Name one legitimate reason why the US and Israel should favor Hamas who has declared war on us both?

Carter said Hamas, besides winning a fair and democratic mandate that should have entitled it to lead the Palestinian government, had proven itself to be far more organized in its political and military showdowns with the Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

This is a flat out lie. Hamas won elections to be a part of the government ... not to run it completely. It was akin to the Dems winning Congress back in the last election. That did not entitle them to run the White House as well. Hamas then started a war with Fatah in order to steal all of the power away. This forced Fatah to respond in kind.

Then Jimmy says that we should support Hamas because they are more organized than Fatah? That should be the reason that we help Fatah ... that way we can even the playing field for our allies.

During his speech to Ireland's eighth annual Forum on Human Rights, the 83-year-old former president said monitors from his Carter Center observed the 2006 election in which Hamas won 42 percent of the popular vote and a majority of parliamentary seats.

Carter said that election was "orderly and fair" and Hamas triumphed.

Jimmy can't possibly be saying that only winning 42% of the popular vote while picking up more seats is a success. That's impossible for him to say given his attacks on Bush not winning the popular vote, but winning the electoral college. Jimmy didn't say that was a triumph. He said that was stealing.

There can be little doubt now ... Carter is rooting for our enemies to win ... both against our allies, and us as well.


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