Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Honda To Drop Accord Hybrid

Either sales are down, or their system doesn't work in mid-sized cars. Perhaps both, but either way Honda is getting rid of the Accord Hybrid.


"We have found that our hybrid system works better on smaller cars," said Chris Naughton, a Honda spokesman.

Honda previously announced that it will introduce a new hybrid car in 2009. That car will be smaller in size and less expensive than the Honda Civic Hybrid. The Accord, a midsized car, is larger and more expensive than the Civic.

We've had a couple of companies get nailed to the wall because they lied about how many miles their cars got, and this may be a way of correcting that problem for Honda.

This also shows (in spite of what Honda says) that sales are down for mid-size hybrids. If the Accord was popular ... they wouldn't build a new, smaller hybrid.


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