Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sen. Craig Thomas Death Yields Some Interesting Blog Responses

I would like to wish the family of Sen. Craig Thomas well, and offer my condolences. As you all know I often look at the prominent liberal blogs to get their reactions to the deaths of Republicans. I've been more than fair in pointing out which sites were respectful, and which weren't. Typically, the comments at Huffington Post are the worst ... followed by the Daily Kos. This time, however, there has been some interesting responses to the Senator's death.

First off I would like to commend the posters at the Daily Kos this time around. All to often they are on the venom spewing end of these types of stories, but this time the response has been heart warming. Not only has the response from most of the Kos people been respectful towards the Senator's death, but they even turned against some Kos posters who did spew venom.

For instance ... DK poster Crestingwave posted the following:

I mean, I know were supposed to act like it, and we don't want Republican operatives or MSM lurkers to point to DK and go, "Hey look at these loony assholes," but you know, the guy had a good long life, and I think he hurt a lot of people during it. He voted repeatedly to protect drug companies and make drugs more expensive for seniors, thwarting substantive Medicare reform in every turn. He was a Bush rubber stamp who supported the torture and the stripping of our constitutional rights.

I'm not gonna piss on the guy's grave, but mourn? No. I'll probably sleep like a baby tonight.

Clearly inappropriate words for a man who has just passed away, and the other DK poster called him on it.

Here's a screen shot of the immediately following comments in response to Crestingwave:

The DK people then went on to have a very prudent discussion on the sad state of affairs when we look to see which party the deceased belonged to before we stop and pay respects.

All in all ... the Daily Kos people have been great in dealing with the passing of Sen. Craig Thomas, and I would like to thank them.

The Huffington Post closed the comments to the story of Sen. Thomas' death. HuffPo only closes the comments of a post when they are overwhelmingly abusive, but I have no evidence of the comments from HuffPo people this time around. It is, however, well document that HuffPo closes shop when the abuse is prevalent.


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