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Someone Knew About The Benoit Murders 13 Hours Before The Police, & It Wasn't Benoit

Now the mysterious poster is claiming that it was a tragic joke ... riiiight.

This is all a little too coincidental for me. While there are possible reasons to explain away the correlations between the Benoit deaths, Martel's death, and the links to Kevin Sullivan ... there is enough for a plausible conspiracy theory here.

As I wrote here ... a former wrestler has already indicted Sullivan as a possible murder suspect in the Benoit case, and I've made it very clear that steroids are merely a scapegoat here. Then all of a sudden we get some guy in New England who decides to play a "joke" on Wikipedia to say that Benoit missed his match because his wife was dead? Not to mention that joke was 13 hours before anyone knew about the murders, and it was before the eerie text messages allegedly sent by Benoit.

There's also a problem with the messages as well. Why would Benoit send the same message to the same person on two different phones?

The messages/phone calls also stated that Nancy, and their son, was throwing up. One even stated that Nancy was in the hospital. Obviously, we need to find out if this is true.

The office of Benoit's doctor was raided as well, but he still maintains that his prescriptions were legitimate.

Hours before the raid began Wednesday night, Dr. Phil Astin had told The Associated Press that he had treated Benoit for low testosterone levels. He said it was likely a result of previous steroid use.

We also know that the Benoit family argued about the care of their son.

A lawyer for the WWE said that Benoit argued with his wife over the care of their mentally retarded son in the days before the three were found dead in their Georgia home.

Attorney Jerry McDevitt said that the issue of caring for the 7-year-old child was a source of "stress and consternation" in the couple's relationship, though it wasn't the only problem in the marriage.

This case is odd to say the least, and I find it a little suspicious that someone would say Nancy was dead just hours before we all knew that. The person who changed the entry in Wikipedia also said that they wrote it in part because of "rumors." Why were there rumors of Nancy's death, and who was responsible for them?

Here's the full text of his apology:

Hey everyone. I am here to talk about the wikipedia comment that was left by myself. I just want to say that it was an incredible coincidence. Last weekend, I had heard about Chris Benoit no showing Vengeance because of a family emergency, and I had heard rumors about why that was. I was reading rumors and speculation about this matter online, and one of them included that his wife may have passed away, and I did the wrong thing by posting it on wikipedia to spite there being no evidence. I posted my speculation on the situation at the time and I am deeply sorry about this, and I was just as shocked as everyone when I heard that this actually would happen in real life. It is one of those things that just turned into a huge coincidence. That night I found out that what I posted, ended up actually happening, a 1 in 10,000 chance of happening, or so I thought. I was beyond wrong for posting wrongful information, and I am sorry to everyone for this. I just want everyone to know it was stupid of me, and I will never do anything like this again. I just posted something that was at that time a piece of wrong unsourced information that is typical on wikipedia, as it is done all the time.

Nonetheless, I feel incredibly bad for all the attention this got because of the fact that what I said turned out to be the truth. Like I said it was just a major coincidence, and I will never vandalize anything on wikipedia or post wrongful information. I've learned from this experience. I just can't believe what I wrote was actually the case, I've remained stunned and saddened over it.

I wish not to reveal my identity so I can keep me and my family out of this since they have nothing to do with anything. I am not connected to WWE or Benoit at all in anyway. I am from Stamford as the IP address shows, and I am just an everyday individual who posted a wrongful remark at the time that received so much attention because it turned out to actually happen. I will say again I didn't know anything about the Benoit tragedy, it was a terrible coincidence that I never saw coming.

I hope this puts an end to this speculation that someone knew about the tragedy before it was discovered. It was just a rumor that I had heard about from other people online who were speculating what the family emergency Chris was attending to. I made a big mistake by posting this comment on his page, since all we had were what we thought was going on and nothing about what actually was going on yet, and sadly what happened turned out to be my speculation at the time. I assumed wiki would edit out my information, which they did, so thats why I didn't go back to edit it out myself.

I know I keep repeating it but I feel terrible about the mainstream coverage this has received, since it was only a huge coincidence and a terrible event that should of never happened. I am not sure how to react, as hearing about my message becoming a huge part of the Benoit slayings made me feel terrible as everyone believes that it is connected to the tragedy, but it was just an awful coincidence. That is all I have to say, I will never post anything here again unless it is pure fact, no spam nothing like that. Thank you, and let this end this chapter of the Benoit story, and hopefully one day we will find out why this tragedy ever actually happened.

Maybe he didn't know anything about the murders, but where did he get the information from, and does THAT person know anything? I hope the authorities know his identity since he refuses to release it himself. Since when does anyone who's a part of an investigation get to maintain their anonymity?

Here's some more info to dispel the "roid rage" argument. If Benoit had the personality that everyone says he had ... then it is highly unlikely that steroids would have had this effect on him. Besides, you can't premeditate murder over a 3 day period on a "rage."

I would also like to point out that Martel's toxicology test haven't come back, and they are telling us it would take weeks for Benoit's. It will be interesting to note if there are any similarities with the substances in their bodies.


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