Tuesday, May 01, 2007

General Says Violence In Baghdad Down In Spite Of Bombings

This is a clear contradiction to what Edwards, and Reid, has said. If you look at Operation Arrowhead as well you will see that there is a lot of success. This has all been confirmed with my discussions with LT Nichols in Baghdad.

Maj. Gen. Scott has some interesting points to make that the MSM isn't covering.

American Forces Press Service:

Maj. Gen. Scott, deputy chief of staff for strategic effects for Multinational Force Iraq, told online journalists in a conference call that while there has been a slight increase in the number of "spectacular" car-bomb attacks around Baghdad, there has also been positive movement as a result of the U.S.-Iraqi plus-up strategy.

"Overall sectarian violence has decreased. Overall violence in the city of Baghdad has decreased," he said.

To bad Reid, Pelosi and Murtha never listen to the Iraq briefings from Gen. Petraeus. Hell, Reid wouldn't believe Petreaus if he gave good news anyway.

"Every day the government of Iraq becomes stronger - their government and their security forces," Maj. Gen. Scott said. In Maysan, he noted, "We're still embedded with the Iraqi forces, but they have the lead."

Those of us who have been watching the war closely knew the Iraqis were in the lead, but there are others who didn't know because of a lack of coverage.


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