Friday, May 11, 2007

Remember How The Polar Bears Are Dying Off? Yeah ... Their Population Has Increased

Just so everyone knows ... polar bears have existed in far warmer times on Earth than now. So they can, and will, survive our current warming trend. In fact, in Canada their population has increased dramatically since the 80's. The greenies are gonna hate this story.


As marvelously reported May 3 by the Christian Science Monitor (emphasis added throughout):

Polar bears are the poster animals of global warming. The image of a polar bear floating on an ice floe is one of the most dramatic visual statements in the fight against rising temperatures in the Arctic.

But global warming is not killing the polar bears of Canada's eastern Arctic, according to one ongoing study. Scheduled for release next year, it says the number of polar bears in the Davis Strait area of Canada's eastern Arctic – one of 19 polar bear populations worldwide – has grown to 2,100, up from 850 in the mid-1980s.

That's about a 150% increase in polar bear population. Pretty cool for a warming planet huh?

"There aren't just a few more bears. There are a ... lot more bears," biologist Mitchell Taylor told the Nunatsiaq News of Iqaluit in the Arctic territory of Nunavut. Earlier, in a long telephone conversation, Dr. Taylor explained his conviction that threats to polar bears from global warming are exaggerated and that their numbers are increasing. He has studied the animals for the Nunavut government for two decades.

This is a great development. What a shame that the greenies won't announce this resounding success, and will instead decry the study as a lie.


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