Friday, May 11, 2007

Report: Bottled Water Is Destroying The Planet


I've been making this argument for a long time now. Never mind that bottled water removes all the minerals we are supposed to take into our bodies, but it is destroying the planet.


"Bottled water is really expensive, in terms of environmental costs and economically," said Ling Li, who wrote the report for the Washington-based Worldwatch Institute.

Most of you might be able to guess how bottled water is destroying our environment, but just in case you can't:

The environmental impact can start at the source, where some local streams and underground aquifers become depleted when there is "excessive withdrawal" for bottled water, according to the report.

In addition to the energy cost of producing, bottling, packaging, storing and shipping bottled water, there is also the environmental cost of the millions of tonnes of oil-derived plastic needed to make the bottles.

Are you getting the picture now?

There is also some mess about poor third world countries not being able to have bottled water, and that being a bad thing. I don't know why that isn't be heralded as an environmental benefit, but I guess anything that tells us we are oppressing people makes us feel good.


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