Monday, May 14, 2007

Remember The Illegal Alien Prostitutes That Turned Out To Not Be Illegals? Yeah, They're Illegals Again

Last week I told you about the most FUBAR investigation I've seen in a while.

The FBI and Las Vegas police are giving the exact opposite story about Operation Doll House. The two year investigation supposedly broke up an international prostitution ring with 25 illegal alien women taken into custody.

Then we learned that some of them may be the victims of human trafficking, and none would be deported. The Salvation Army, who received $450,000 from the government to help trafficking victims, said they "don't deport victims." The prostitutes were to be given "T visas", and have the opportunity to get their green cards.

Next, the FBI came out and said that none of the women were trafficking victims, and were prostitutes willingly.

Since then, the FBI and Metro (police) have been fighting a war of words in the public media, and now the story has changed again.

Review Journal:

"We know of more than one ... tricked into coming here and thought they were going to be working legitimate," Lt. Dave Logue, who headed the investigation for the Metropolitan Police Department's Criminal Intelligence Section, said Thursday.

Now we are back to the women being trafficking victims.

But on Friday, Staretz said the FBI couldn't rule out the "potential for human trafficking" in the case.

"To date, we have no evidence that they (the women) were there against their will. That's not to say that human trafficking won't be uncovered in the future."

On Wednesday, Staretz was sure there were no victims of trafficking, but now he waivers a little. Until further into the article.

Then the spokesman for Metro said:

The FBI is aware of the "more than one" victim.

"We are definitely on the same page."

Metro has just called the FBI liars by saying that they DO know of victims of trafficking. The FBI is still maintaining that it has no evidence of trafficking at all.

Now the FBI and Metro get into an argument about the legal status of the prostitutes.

Staretz (FBI) also told the Review-Journal on Wednesday that all but one of the women were "here apparently on tourist visas."

"They're all here legitimately," he said.

Logue (Metro) said he was surprised by Staretz's statements.

"The majority of the girls absolutely were here illegally," he said.

FBI says they are legal ... Metro says they aren't. Remember, these two forces were working together on a TWO YEAR LONG INVESTIGATION, and they still can't get their story straight?

Capt. Csaba Maczala, who heads the Metropolitan Police Department's Homeland Security Bureau, said he also was surprised by Staretz's statements that the women were not trafficking victims and that most of them were in the country legally.

"Seventy-five to 80 percent were illegal aliens," Maczala said.

Asked why he thought the FBI said there were no trafficking victims, Maczala said: "They probably don't want to compromise the case."

Clearly Metro has no problem compromising the case then. Nice to know.

Staretz stood by his statements Friday.

"We have not uncovered any human trafficking victim," he said.

Staretz also said that on the day of the bust, some of the women had their own cars and passports.

He said that none of the women was identified as a human trafficking victim on the day of the raids.

I know, I know ... it is painful to read the statements these two organizations are making. Who to believe ... the FBI or Las Vegas Metro?

While the FBI and Metro continue to call each other liars in the media ... the Salvation Army is still giving sanctuary to the prostitutes captured in the bust. No charges have been filed against any of the girls.

I don't know if this is agency rivalry here, or if it is a government cover up of another investigation. A sheriff and undersheriff from California were arrested in connection with the prostitution ring ... maybe there is something going on we don't yet know about.


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