Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Truth About Blacks Attending College

This is one hell of a story, and is sure to upset the black population of this country. Given that today is May Day, and the illegals are marching for their rights is pertinent. Blacks in the US are no longer the largest minority group, and they are being increasingly pushed to the side in a run to get the hispanic vote. Now it looks like their college opportunities are being affected by immigration as well.

Daily Herald:

Something in the crowd made Shirley Wilcher wonder. As a college graduate in the early 1970s, her black classmates were like herself — born in the United States, to American parents. But at an alumni reunion at Mount Holyoke College last year, she saw something different and asked for admissions data to prove it.

“My suspicions were confirmed,” said Wilcher, now the executive director of the American Association for Affirmative Action. She found a rise in the number of black students from Africa and the Caribbean, and a downturn in admissions of native blacks like her.

Immigrants are now taking college opportunities away from black Americans. The real question is whether it is racism (of sorts), or the black community's fault.


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