Monday, May 14, 2007

Nudists Want To Attract Younger Members

File this one under obvious. The aging population of nudists is desperately trying to attract younger, hotter members.


To draw 20- and 30-somethings, nudist groups and camps are trying everything from deep discounts on membership fees to a young ambassador program that encourages college and graduate students to talk to their peers about having fun in the buff.

"We don't want the place to turn into a gated assisted living facility," said Gordon Adams, membership director at Solair Recreation League.

Yep, they're recruiting on college campuses in order to get younger people naked.

The median age is 55 at Solair, where a yearly membership is $500 for people older than 40, $300 for people younger than 40 and $150 for college students.

The older you are the less likely people would like to see you naked, I guess.

The nudists are thoroughly confused as to why young hot people wouldn't want to look at a bunch of old wrinkled people. They believe the kids think they're hippies. They do acknowledge that there is an income gap, and that is why you pay less for membership the younger you are.

The nudists are going about this all the wrong way. If they want to attract younger people to their lifestyle they need to attract young ladies. You do that by offering free drinks on a "ladies night." The girls will come, they will drink, and they will get naked. Once that happens ... the young guys will come to see the young girls, and you've now the nudist lifestyle has been exposed to an abundance of young people.


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