Friday, May 04, 2007

Democrats Want Intelligence Funds To Go To Global Warming Study

Yep, they're making the same mistakes they made in the 90's leading up to 9/11. They don't feel the intelligence community needs the funds they have so they cut them, and divert them to a social program. Remember when I wrote about the Dems wanting to make the Pentagon hold war games to assess the risk of global warming instead of focusing on our 'real' war? That fight comes next week.

Washington Times:

Senior House Republicans are complaining about Democrats' plans to divert "scarce" intelligence funds to study global warming.

The House next week will consider the Democrat-crafted Intelligence Authorization bill, which includes a provision directing an assessment of the effects that climate change has on national security.

There are several different goverment committees that are studying global warming right now, but the Dems want to make sure weaken the intelligence gathering ability of the United States. Why? Well ... I'll leave that up to you.

At the very least there is a massive waste of resources if this thing flies, and at the worst we get hit again. Then we'll have to listen to the conspiracy theorists yapping about how the President missed this attack because he/she was too busy worrying about global warming.

The Dems are saying they are worried about how global warming can risk mainland national security. Our mainland national security is already at great risk, but it isn't from global warming.


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