Friday, May 04, 2007

Black Man Says He's Happy White Man's Mother Is Dead ... Jackson, Sharpton Silent

If this were the other way around I bet there would be more outrage about this, but I could be wrong.

This is Michael McGee. He's a talk show host on WNOV-AM.

This is Charlie Sykes. He's a talk show host on WTMJ-AM.

McGee and Sykes have had a rivalry for some time now, but it crossed into a whole other dimension recently. Sykes' mother just died in a house fire (our condolences). Her death made McGee very happy, and he wasn't bashful about showing it either.

McGee and Sykes have been publicly battling for years, but even in the world of talk radio, some are saying the comments made are extreme.

"Mother Sykes, she dead. To me it's the vengeance of God. I ain't got no tears. Matter of fact a woman that would have a fool like that deserve whatever is coming her. She raised a sure enough idiot," McGee said on his radio show. "My instincts say Charlie Sykes killed his momma, cuz she live out in this big palace in Mequon all isolated. He got tired of waiting for her money."

He talked about it for a few minutes then moved on, but a caller asked him about his comments later in the show.

"Mike McGee Senior," the caller began, "You really don't mean that, about your enemies families members being dead -- killed."

"Man, you don't think I mean that, man, you out of your mind," McGee replied.

As you can see from the transcript above that Mr. McGee is real educated, and clearly was out of line. Just as Stern was out of line with Man Cow all those years ago.

Given the recent "nappy-headed ho" comments by Imus, that were directed at two white girls as well as black girls, were considered racist ... I wonder if this could be construed as racist?


2 comments to "Black Man Says He's Happy White Man's Mother Is Dead ... Jackson, Sharpton Silent"

Jimmy Diggs said...
2:01 PM

Only white people can be racist unfortunately. Or so it's been proven time and time again. Just another example here.

Casey said...
4:18 PM

My mistake ... LOL!



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