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Father Of Killed Soldier "Pissed" At Harry Reid


Here in Las Vegas, NV we are mourning the loss of another local soldier killed in Iraq. Army Reserve Staff Sgt. Coby Schwab was on his second tour in Iraq, and he chose to go back to help protect his buddies. His family said he went back:

Because he didn't want his buddies to fight the country's freedom-wrecking militants alone.

He was from Vegas' sister city, Henderson, he was stationed at Ft. Lewis, and he was only 25. His father had some very choice words for Sen. Reid. Who is our senator from Nevada.

Review Journal:

"He had no problem going back (to Iraq) because of what was being done and because of the people he had dealt with the first time he was there," he said.

Don Hanson said the media do not emphasize the military's accomplishments in Iraq. "They aren't telling about the schools that are opened, the power that's been turned on, the water that's being delivered," he said.

I wrote a little about the lack of publicity for progress in Iraq yesterday.

For those of you outside Nevada you have no idea the relationship we've had with Reid for decades. It isn't a positive one, and he's been the subject of countless ethics and corruption allegations. He is typically elected by the massive amount of people who are new to Nevada. Locals are outnumbered by those from California, and other left leaning states.

Mr. Hanson expresses his disgust for Harry Reid with this statement after hearing his stepson was killed by an IED:

"There's a number of things I feel would be more appropriate than these damn politicians trying to say the war is lost," he said. "I'm really pissed at (Sen. Harry) Reid. Personal belief is one thing. But when you're in that position, I don't think you should voice everything," he said about the Senate majority leader from Nevada.

Staff Sgt. Coby Schwab's mother told us what her son felt about this war.

Jane Hanson, a florist at an Albertsons store, said her son felt "very strongly that the war was necessary. He was proud to be over there. He was proud to be fight that war."

We have a very large military community here in Nevada, and the reaction to Reid's statements have not been well received. Websites such as sprung up from locals, and TV and radio stations have been flooded with requests for information to recall Reid. Unfortunately, legally Reid can not be recalled. We are stuck with him for the remainder of his term. Most believe he will retire from the Senate then, but that we will have to deal with his son Rory Reid. An equally corrupt, and inept, political figure here in Nevada's government.

All my best wishes to this family, and thank you Mr. Hanson for speaking your mind.


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