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Queen Elizabeth Urged To Apologize For Slavery, And Treatment Of Native Americans


Give me a break! This PC BS has got to be silenced. The Queen of England has no obligation, or reason, to apologize for something she had nothing to do with. She is supposed to be celebrating the 400th anniversary of Jamestown. Listen to these idiots, and their pathetic demands ...

Times Online:

THE Queen is being urged to apologise for the slaughter of American Indians and the introduction of slavery when she visits Virginia this week as guest of honour to mark the 400th anniversary of the first English settlement in the New World at Jamestown.

She will be landing in the middle of a row over political correctness after officials in Virginia banned the use of the word “celebration” for the anniversary. It is being called a “commemoration” out of respect for the suffering of native Americans, who were attacked after the colonists arrived in 1607.

Yes, they banned the word celebration. There is also problems with Christianity being banned as well.

"Leaders and heads of state have a responsibility to set the tone and it would be a welcome move for the Queen to express regret," said Virginia state representative Donald McEachin, a descendant of slaves.

Mr. McEachin ... get over it already. The Queen had nothing to do with it, nor does anyone else alive today. Stop demanding apologies for things that we had nothing to do with. You are continuing to demand apologies where apologies have already been given, and you continue to divide this country.

Dr Linwood Custalow, author of The True Story of Pocahontas and a descendent of Indian chiefs from the Mattaponi tribe — part of the Powhatan nation — hopes to be introduced to the Queen. “She should definitely apologise,” he said. “The first Americans were very welcoming to the colonists, but they launched a war against them.”

Mary Wade, a native American member of the Virginia Council on Indians, said: “You can’t celebrate an invasion. Whole tribes were annihilated.”

Again ... the Queen had nothing to do with any of this. Not to mention that the Native American Indians attacked some of the previous colonies first. No one knows for sure what happend to the "Lost Colony", and there was peace with the natives after John Rolfe married Pocahontas.

This is a complete lack of respect for the Queen of England who is swallowing her pride and visiting the birthplace of (what would become) the US, and lead to the defeat of her country twice. Jamestown gave rise to the US, and the fall of the British Empire. Conduct yourselves with dignity in the presence of royalty for crying out loud.


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Anonymous said...
7:00 PM

Hi everyone, both Indians and Whites,
It is fine to welcome Queen Elizabeth to Virginia. I am a descendant of Mattaponi and Pamunkey Tribes through one of Chief Powhatan's children. I am proud of my indigenous ancestry.

Since someone posted a message that mentioned Pocahontas and her husband, John Rolfe. This reminded me of something and I want to bring this up.

Did you know that Pocahontas was raped by several colonists? I am sure this least known fact comes as a shock to you. She confided that to her older sister who in turned passed that info to Chief Powhatan.

And this became part of oral Mattaponi history that was passed down in secret for for generations.

In fact, Pocahontas was kidnapped near the banks of Potomac River in front of her first husband, Kocum, He was assaulted and was left for dead. But he survived.

Their son was somewhere else at that point. So he was safe and he was the older half brother of Thomas Rolfe. That older half brother's descendants include a famous singer named Wayne Newton.

As for Pocahontas, she was raped by several colonists. One of the colonists was Sir Thomas Dale who headed the Jamestown colony. He got Pocahontas pregnant and the baby boy, Thomas, was named after him.

The birth of Thomas took place before Pocahontas married John Rolfe. I want to explain about naming a child. It is an English custom to name a first born boy after his father.

So it was not surprising that little Thomas Rolfe was not named after his legal father, John Rolfe.

I had experience researching my family tree and I noticed that many of my female ancestors were named after their mothers and first born male ancestors after their fathers. We do not practice this custom in this day and era. Times have changed.

After Pocahontas and her people went to England, do you have any idea what English people did to them?

Well, listen to this. Pocahontas's people were forcibly sold into slavery in England and they ended up in carnivals and they were locked in cages in the side freak shows there. Some of them were raped and got pregnant. They were sent to Bermuda Islands.

If you do not believe me, I suggestg you ask Dr. Linwood Custalow. He wrote the book about those things that he heard as a little boy. He lives in Williamsburg.

What happened to Pocahontas and her people both in Virginia and England was horrible and shocking.

I can see why Powhatan people do not want to acknowledge people who descend from Pocahontas's son that was fathered by a rapist named Sir Thomas Dale.

This was a horrible ordeal that Pocahontas was forced to go through. I think you get the picture now.

I can't say that Queen Elizabeth should apologize since she was born in around the year 1925 so I am sure that the Queen had no idea what really happened around Pocahontas. It was nice of the Queen to acknowledge Pocahontas's people recently.

In the early part of 1900's, white young men used to harrass the Mattaponi Indian reservation by crusiing around in their pickup trucks yelling dirty names at the Mattaponi neighbors. Those white men are the ones who should apologize if they are still alive today.


Casey said...
4:23 PM

I appreciate the post, and info. There is also a problem of Natives harassing white people as well. Perhaps they should all move on, and grow up.

Anonymous said...
10:54 PM

I don't know anything about Natives harassing white people. You got me curious. How did this happened? Could you tell me more about it?

Casey said...
9:19 AM

American history is full of both whites, and natives, attacking the other first. Especially out west in later times.

The previous attempts to establish a settlement before Jamestown were met with violent actions by natives. Not all native tribes were peaceful victims. Several were warlike barbarians who preyed upon anyone they came in contact with.

This was also evident when seeing the tribes choosing sides during the French and Indian war. There were tribes that would attack both with provocation in an attempt to gain power.

wtf01 said...
4:54 PM

WTF, the last para is bullshit! the fall of the british empire had nothing to do with the US and the defeat of her country twice? you mean once! only an american would see the war of 1812 us a victory. and swallowing her pride? what the creation of america is something not to be proud of?

Anonymous said...
11:12 PM


We white colonists wish to make a confession. We confess our sins against the black people of Africa (and those of our forefathers), which are outlined in detail below:-

1. We apologize for giving them doctors, new hospitals, medical services that enabled them to survive plagues, disasters and to multiply into uncountable numbers.

2. We apologize for teaching them to read and write the English language and even for putting their own languages down in writing for them. We even taught them mathematics and built hundreds (if not thousands) of schools for them even rebuilding and repairing same when they burnt them down or vandalized them.

3. We apologize for building factories and shops, which gave them work. We apologize for taking them into our houses to work, giving them food and even paying them.

4. We apologize for building farms out of barren bush and gardens from which we fed them .

5. We apologize for giving them clothes and shoes instead of leaving them in the animal skins they wore before we found them wandering aimlessly around the plains, mountains and valleys not having evolved sufficiently to invent even the wheel or written language.

6. We apologize for extracting minerals from below the earth, minerals which had always been there but were unknown to the local inhabitants. We apologize for paying them to work in these mines.

7. We apologize for those among us who established charity organizations to feed and clothe them while they themselves never knew, or know now, the meaning of charity.

8. We apologize for building a network of roads all over the country which they now use to give Africa one of the highest road accident rates in the world.

9. We apologize for building huge dams which keep them supplied with fresh water, even in times of drought.

10. We apologize for paying the lion's share of the countries tax burden while spending the least upon ourselves.

11. We apologize for giving them modern construction techniques which enabled them to move out of the mud & grass structures which they copied from bird's nests.

For all these evil sins we most humbly beg forgiveness, and if they will only accept our apologies, we will gladly take back all of the above mentioned evil deeds and leave them where and as we found them, in the first place.

Anonymous said...
9:14 AM

This post is pure racist rhetoric. The Queen may not have been "directly" involved but she surely benefited from slavery as did many colonizing nations. Learn your history and face the facts, Queen Elizabitch must apologive, must give reparations and all white people must come to terms with their own white priviledge.

Susan Barringer Wells (Vaughan) said...
5:25 PM

The Queen can very easily and SHOULD in my opinion, in this case, as well as others where Britain has exploited, murdered, stolen, and removed inhabitants from THEIR land - acknowledge the wrongs committed by her country against all these people (if this has not already been acknowledged).

The United States' leaders should do the same, and where reparations are possible, they should be made.

Give me a break about all the wonderful things America did for Africans. They have come to make the best of a HORRENDOUS situation, and American should be thankful they did not rebel and murder as WHITES would have likely done under the same circumstances.

3:18 AM

are you people insane ? the queen is one of the most evil people in the world.. responsible along with the pope for most evil in the world.. She and her ancestors should be banned from the planet earth put in a ship with enough food to survve tell they die and point it into infinity insuring she will spend her last years of life along with ther wicked inbread family not in control of shit .. along with obama and the bush family all relatives of king george they all get their own ships into oblivion then the world would be a better place

3:28 AM

I wonder where they would be if you left them wandering ancestor suposedly .. ok ill apoligize for having white skin with that kid who raped an 80 year old woman married to the same man of 50 years and prolly on ssi and murdered here with no remorse.. appoligize for being white.. rightttttt.. lmao ignorant bastards lmao

3:30 AM

when that kid apoligises and all the black men who have killed white men 15 to one got special treatment for jobs and schools after years of whining live for free in most cases or sale drugs and for all the filthy rich ones who could.. but don't give a shit about you cuz they are slef centered like yourself lol



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