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Good News ... People Don't Regret The Founding Of The US

In a world where debate has taken over physical activity as a form of recreation ... we will debate anything and everything just because we can. The latest debate to be added to this growing human past time was if we regretted the founding of the United States. As is often the case with debates such as this ... one side chose to only outline modern events for their argument while the other chose to truly look at the overall history to make its point. I figured this was a pretty good poll question, and since I haven't done a poll in a while I have posted one below.


I am happy to report to you that the Oxford Union, in its infinite wisdom, has allowed America to continue existing.

After a raucous debate in front of a packed house, the motion - "this House regrets the Founding of America" - was overwhelmingly squashed.

Why thank you. Thank you so very much for allowing the US to continue to exist. I would like to remind you Brits that you attempted to not allow the US to exist on two separate occasions, and failed.

As I stated before the side that did regret the founding of the US cited the war, Bush, slavery and other typical hate America crowd stances. While the those who supported the founding of the US went through all of the things we most likely wouldn't have as human beings, and how the world would be completely different (for the worse) if the US wasn't around to take care of business.

One of those involved in the debate was Jonah Goldberg of National Review. He said the debate:

"Sounded like a bad joke".

Perhaps it is a joke. Maybe we are just bored and like debating, or perhaps this is just another way to bash America. Read both pieces I linked to ... they are interesting reads to say the least.

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