Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Pope Calls Comedian A "Terrorist"


I'm getting flashbacks to the Spanish inquisition. The church is saying that criticizing the Pope is terrorism. If that's the case ... is it terrorism when the Pope criticizes others? Yeah, I didn't think so.

The Vatican's official newspaper accused an Italian comedian on Wednesday of “terrorism” for criticizing the Pope and warned his rhetoric could fuel a return to 1970s-style political violence.

Remember, the Vatican is the most violent city on Earth per capita. If you criticize the Pope ... watch out!

“This, too, is terrorism. It's terrorism to launch attacks on the Church,” it said. “It's terrorism to stoke blind and irrational rage against someone who always speaks in the name of love, love for life and love for man.”

I think the church may be descending back into the dark ages given its recent activity.

So what was said that should be considered terrorism?

Andrea Rivera, spoke out against the Pontiff's stand on a number of issues.

“The Pope says he doesn't believe in evolution. I agree, in fact the Church has never evolved,” he said.

He also criticized the Church for refusing to give a Catholic funeral to Piergiorgio Welby, a man who campaigned for euthanasia as he lay paralyzed with muscular dystrophy. He died in December after a doctor agreed to unplug his respirator.

“I can't stand the fact that the Vatican refused a funeral for Welby but that wasn't the case for (Chilean dictator Augusto) Pinochet or (Spanish dictator Francisco) Franco,” he said between musical acts at the open-air concert.

So ... yeah ... pwned!

The church hates the truth. Especially when they are exposed for the hypocrites they often are. If saying what Andrea said was terrorism ... what would the church consider MY WORDS to be?


2 comments to "The Pope Calls Comedian A "Terrorist""

Anonymous said...
9:35 PM

I hate to see this happening to the Roman Catholic church, but unfortunately this Pope has changed too many things for us.
I sincerely hope he doesn't stay as Pope for too long, but until then I'm willing to stick it out, although this is far worse than what he's done/said before.

~Steven (R-NYC)

Casey said...
4:19 PM

I've heard that same thing from other Catholics lately. Maybe people were right about his ties to the Nazis.



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