Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Dumbass Whales Still Lost ... Let 'Em Die


No one else has the guts to say this ... so I will. These whales are too stupid to live.

Whether we like it or not natural selection has worked for billions of years. I was saying this before I went on vacation last Saturday, but they are still aimlessly lost even with our assistance. Yes it's sad, but so is life. If the mother whale is this dumb then what hope of the future does her calf have? Whales have ways of finding food, and navigating over great migratory distances spanning hundreds ... sometimes thousands of miles. The methods they use are still largely not understood by humans. Yet these two can't pull off a u-turn, and find their way back to the ocean after 16 days and counting?

Now they are getting sores because of exposure to fresh water. Even when faced with illness and certain death the mother can't lead her calf out to sea. As is always the case in the animal kingdom (of which we are a part) some creatures simply deserve to die.

Maybe there is a darker possibility we should consider. Perhaps this is a Humpback murder suicide. It is extremely ignorant to think that human mothers are the only mammals capable of killing their own kids.


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