Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hamas Launches Missiles At Israel ... Fatah Gunmen Seek Asylum In Israel

Hamas called off yet another cease-fire a couple of months back, and has been attacking Israel on a regular basis since then. Of course, the media isn't really covering that because no innocent Palestinians have died yet.

Hamas has also called off (again) the cease-fire with Fatah, and has been attacking them as well.

For those of you who hate Israel, and want to blame them for the cease-fire breakdown ... Hamas went public when they ended it by saying there would never be peace with the "Zionist entity."


Sderot took heavy damage from at least 20 missiles which directly hit several homes, in which 19 civilians, including a mother and her son, were wounded.

Yes, it was unprovoked. Israel's response was less than stellar.

Israel's response was confined to a helicopter strike against unpopulated areas in N. Gaza.

The Debka File is also reporting that at least 13 Palestinian gunmen were killed in fighting between Hamas and Fatah yesterday, and it appears that several Fatah gunmen have sought asylum in Israel.

According to some reports, a group of Fatah fighters, some in uniform asked Israel border troops for asylum. Abbas has called for a cessation of hostilities.

The Palestinian Security Minister has also resigned as a result of the violence between Hamas and Fatah.


Qutar News Agency is reporting that Hamas is threatening more attacks after this one. Hamas spokesman, Abu Obaida, confirmed the attack was Hamas. He said that the attack was in response to Israel celebrating their existence.

He Said The Attacks Marked The 59th Anniversary Of The Palestinian Nakba (catastrophe) And In Response To Israel Celebrating The Anniversary Of Its Creation.

In Another Statement On The Hamas-run Al-aqsa Satellite Channel, Abu Obaida Vowed To Fire More Barrages Of Rockets Into Israel Within The Coming Hours.

Xinhua News Agency is reporting that the US is calling for, you guessed it, a cease-fire. How many times does Hamas have to tell us that they aren't interested in a cease-fire with anyone. I told everyone that Hamas would violate the cease-fire with Fatah, and they did. That's what Hamas does.


Hamas commander killed in fighting with Fatah.


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