Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Rosie Cartoon: Part Deux

As everyone knows ... my favorite subject is Rosie. I will talk about her antics for hours. Naturally, I go on vacation and the next big Rosie story explodes ... leaving me sadly out of the loop. Well, I just couldn't resist taking my own personal jab at Rosie on my first day back.

Most of you know my nickname for her (The Abominable Pumpkin Head), and many of you are fans of my first Rosie cartoon. The cartoons were a fun way for me to take cheap jabs at Rosie, and it gave me a chance to use my Photoshop while proving a point. I noticed that it would be extremely easy to make a strip comic of Rosie's words, and it would be more entertaining than simply giving you a list of what she said. Please bare in mind that the Rosie cartoons are slightly humorous, but are simply meant to drive home a point.

Without further adew ... I present The Rosie Cartoon: Part Deux

I hope you enjoyed it.


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