Thursday, May 10, 2007

ACLU Says Law Benefits The Rich

The Nevada ACLU has testified that a law that would allow people to pay a fine instead of serving community service is going to favor the rich.

Review Journal:

"It's a law for the rich," lobbyist Joseph Turco told the Assembly Judiciary Committee. "It is just blatant. Money talks."

Turco testified against Senate Bill 216, which would allow judges to order people to make a payment to the general fund of the city where they committed a crime, instead of having to perform community service.

The proposal only would apply to misdemeanor offenders who live outside the county where they committed their crimes and who would face an unreasonable burden in having to return to perform community service. It also would apply in cases where the offenders are physically incapable of performing jobs.

This has been a long time argument in Nevada given that we have such an abundance of tourism, and tourist commit crimes. Usually those crimes are relatively minor, and having them serve community service is impractical. Senate Bill 216 will allow Nevada to get some reimbursement for the crimes without forcing someone from New York, or even China, to come back and perform community service.

People who commit minor infractions who are physically unable to perform community service will also have the option of paying the fine instead of going to jail.

I really have no idea why the ACLU is so up in arms about this bill, but when do we ever understand their point of view anyway.


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