Thursday, May 03, 2007

Apparently You Can Sue The City If You Slip And Fall While Running A Marathon

We need to start regulating how many Kenyans come the US. Not only do they beat us in all of our races, but they are here so often they've learned our legal system far too well.

The guy who won the Chicago marathon, but slipped and fell as he crossed the finish line is suing Chicago.

The Guardian:

Kenya's Chicago marathon champion Robert Cheruiyot plans to pursue compensation from the race's organisers after slipping as he crossed the finish line last October.
Cheruiyot, who was taken to hospital for tests after hitting his head, said he had suffered from headaches since the fall.

"Discussions have been going on because I would like them to pay me some money as compensation ... I always have headaches following that fall," Cheruiyot told Reuters.

A while back I tore two tendons in my ankle playing football in the park. I made an interception, and came down in a pot hole. Maybe I should revisit my legal options.


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