Thursday, May 10, 2007

Illegal Alien Prostitutes Will Not Be Deported ... Major Government Cover Up

Recently, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department finished off a two year investigation known as "Operation Doll House." The operation was designed to break up an organized prostitution ring that has been operating here in Las Vegas. The girls who were selling themselves were illegal immigrants.

I did a show about this last week after I found out that the illegal women would not be deported, would be given "T visas", and would be allowed to remain in the US permanently because some of the women "may" have been the victims of human trafficking.

My stance was that even if some of these women were victims of trafficking (a horrible crime) that once their testimony was used in court ... we should send them back home. The basis for my argument was that they either used illegal means to get into the country before they were enslaved, or they were kidnapped. In either case they should be deported. Now we are learning NONE of these women were victims of trafficking, and they are still being protected by the Salvation Army.

Review Journal:

The FBI disputed Wednesday that women found in neighborhood brothels during raids on April 21 were victims of human trafficking.

Dave Staretz, chief division counsel for the FBI's Las Vegas field office, said none of the 25 women found during the Operation Doll House busts was a victim of human trafficking.

"As soon as this operation went down and all the prostitutes were interviewed, the FBI and Metro, on the ground as well, did not identify any human trafficking issues, that women were being held against their will in any way," Staretz said.

"They were all there voluntarily. They expressed they were happy with the money they were making."

I stressed over and over on my program that Metro (police) was saying "maybe" some of these women were victims of trafficking. At no point did Metro say definitely to the trafficking allegation.

Lauren Hermosillo, a Salvation Army social worker who is helping the women, told the Review-Journal on May 3 that the women would be given special "T visas" to remain in the United States because "we don't deport victims."

Ok, now we know they aren't victims. Will they be deported now? The RJ tried to contact Hermosillo, but now she is clamping her mouth shut and refusing to talk about the case.

We are also now hearing that all of the women are here legally on tourist visas.

Staretz said one of the prostitutes, who was a minor, was from Las Vegas.

"The rest were here apparently on tourist visas. They're all here legitimately," he said.

Now how did the FBI and Metro go from saying a two year investigation netted a bunch of illegal women to now they are all legally here in the US? After a two year investigation you can't get your story straight?

One of the pimps in this organized prostitution ring, Ping Sheng Chang, was given a deal, and will only plead guilty to one count of attempted pandering. He faces anywhere from probation to 4 years in prison depending on the judge. This guy is a pimp in an international prostitution ring, and he gets a plea deal like that?

This case is extremely FUBAR! Just a couple of days after the national headline grabbing raid we are hearing that everything, and I mean everything, they told us that night is exactly what wasn't the case. Perhaps there is just a massive amount of incompetence here, but it stinks more like a cover up.


3 comments to "Illegal Alien Prostitutes Will Not Be Deported ... Major Government Cover Up"

Mr Joseph "Know" A-know-toe said...
1:12 PM

We've learned:

1. Not to give a nickl to the Salvation Army.

2. The Salvation Army in vegas is now etting a lot of free pompintosh.

3. Hopefully the AIDS is free, too.

Anonymous said...
5:21 PM

Ping Sheng Chang was not a pimp in this prostitution right. The boss of this organization misled him to believe he would just open the door to a "massage parlor". The most disturbing part about his case was that the main boss in the organization set him up with her own personal lawyer. Thus, leting one of the main ladies of the this ring go free. She had a great loss from this operation but is free and is still operating her business. So, the main ladies are still at large, and this poor guy gets a possible sentence of 4 years in jail for just opening the door of what he believed to be just a massage parlor?

Casey said...
12:46 AM

Don't worry, he got probation last week.



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