Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Earth's Climate Has "Seesawed" For The Last 10,000 Years

Scientist have discovered that Earth's climate shifts in temperature between the poles. This is why we have some polar ice caps melting, and others growing.

Science Daily:

As revealed by findings presented by Quaternary scientists at Lund University, Sweden, cold periods in the north have corresponded to warmth in the south and vice verse.

They used a newer more accurate method to measure historic temperatures.

After the end of the last Glacial both Hemispheres became warmer as a result of melting ice sheets, but during the last 9000 years we can identify a persistent "seesaw" pattern. When the South Atlantic was warm it was cold in the North Atlantic and vice versa.

It has something to do with "the Great Ocean Conveyor." This study proves that global warming is not causing polar ice caps to melt, and shows that it has been seesawing since the last ice age.


2 comments to "Earth's Climate Has "Seesawed" For The Last 10,000 Years"

James said...
11:01 AM

I wouldn't say 'proves'. I would say that is provides good evidence that global warming may just be part of a standard phenomenom that earth goes through that we are trying to better understand.

It's unfortunate global warming has to be so political. In terms of science, it should just be about the search for knowledge. That search is made better through formalized debate and research, not with hollywood elite and politicians.

Casey said...
5:10 PM

Fair enough. I certainly provides more evidence than the other side has presented.

I wish they'd just focus on the science too. It would be nice to know if man is going to have to evolve in order to survive future generations.



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