Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Border Patrol Agents To Go To Iraq?

Get this! The US government is looking for Border Patrol Agents to go to Iraq to teach the Iraqis how to control their borders.

Houston Chronicle:

The pay is tempting, but the mission is tough — helping to stop illegal immigrants from crossing a long, rugged and remote border.

But the border in question isn't between the United States and Mexico or Canada. It's in Iraq.

We also know they are starting to build walls on Iraq's borders as well. Shame it's not our own border, but progress is progress.

At a time when federal officials are stressing the need to beef up U.S. border security, the State Department has hired a firm to recruit veteran law officers who will serve as "mentors" and train Iraqis to guard their borders.

They are looking at recruiting 120 agents, and have drawn critics who are rightfully concerned about the State Department's priorities.


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