Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Terrorist Admits Trying To Draw U.S. Forces Into Saudi Arabia

According to Saudi news sources terrorists have attempted to lure American forces into Saudi Arabia in an attempt to coax the two countries into war.

Earth Times:

Riyadh - Suspected militants being held in Saudi Arabia on charges of plotting terror attacks have told prosecutors their main aim had been to draw the United States into Saudi territory, Saudi media reports said Tuesday.

In April 172 suspected terrorists were arrested, and they have proved to have been connected with 7 different terrorist cells, including al Qaeda.

The reports said they admitted that their plot had been part of a larger terrorist campaign that involved targeting other countries in the Gulf, such as Kuwait and United Arab Emirates.

They also said they had planned to attack Saudi Arabia's Bqeeq oil field under the instruction of Osama bin Laden.

There has been little coverage of the terrorist attacks in the other Middle Eastern countries outside of Iraq and Israel, but they have been frequent. Remember, an American soldier was just killed in one such attack in Pakistan.

The suspects said that if American forces had moved into Saudi Arabia to prevent their attack on an oil field they would have been easy targets for al Qaeda. It is also reasonable to assume that this action by American forces would possibly lead to a shoot out with Saudi forces ... although a small one.


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