Thursday, April 26, 2007

F.C.C. Moves To Restrict TV Violence


I have two words for people who think kids programming is more violent now than ever before ... Looney Tunes.

NY Times:

Concerned about an increase in violence on television, the Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday urged lawmakers to consider regulations that would restrict violent programs to late evening, when most children would not be watching.

The commission, in a long-awaited report, concluded that the program ratings system and technology intended to help parents block offensive programs — like the V-chip — had failed to protect children from being regularly exposed to violence.

As a result, the commission recommended that Congress move to limit violence on entertainment programs by giving the agency the authority to define such content and restrict it to late evening television.

Restricting violence seen by kids is a noble goal, but be very careful about allowing Congress to let the F.C.C. decide what's best instead of the parents.


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