Friday, April 27, 2007

So The Sun Is Going To Shoot Highly Charged Matter Toward Earth


Guess what that means. No, go ahead and guess. Seriously, what do you think it means?

Scientists are telling us that we will have a solar peak in 2011-2012, but they are having a problem deciding on how bad it's going to be. There is a 12-member panel charged with forecasting the solar cycle because the solar flares can affect airline flights, communications satellites, electrical transmissions and astronauts in space. The matter being hurled at our planet also has another effect as well ...

W. Dean Pesnell of NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory said the solar storms also can heat the Earth's upper atmosphere, causing it to expand.

Sounds like global warming to me.


2 comments to "So The Sun Is Going To Shoot Highly Charged Matter Toward Earth"

Anonymous said...
3:32 AM

Sounds like the solar cycles that peak every 11 years with or without global warming. Ham Radio Operators have been using the solar cycles as a reference for decades.

Global Warming my ass!

Casey said...
5:29 PM

It's not permanent and that should go without saying. The fact that the atmosphere is going to warm up will be used by the greenies to claim global warming is advancing.



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