Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Edwards On Imus Spat: "I Believe In Forgiveness"


I'll bet you do John, but do you also believe in apologies?

Edwards doesn't like to apologize for the offensive things he's done, and clearly his wife doesn't either. Of course, he'll take all the forgiveness in the world for his misdeeds ... he just won't forgive. Perhaps Edwards can show us all how to forgive, and forgive Fox News and join in the Democrat debates. Unlikely, however, cause he's ducked the Fox debate for a second time.

"What he said is wrong because it's wrong. It has to be condemned, we have to speak out when people use this kind of language," Edwards said. "This is a very serious matter, it should be taken very seriously."

I'm glad you agree John. Thanks for your permission to continue to beat your wife with her own words.

As for my take on Imus: I'm still trying to figure out how a white guy becomes a racist for calling two white girls "nappy-headed." Also, since when does Al Sharpton defend white rights?


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