Friday, April 27, 2007

Estonia Tears Down Soviet War Memorial ... Guess Who's Pissed


Soviets Russians are uber pissed off that Estonia tore down a Soviet war memorial. Estonia gained its freedom in 1991 after 50 years of Soviet occupation, and it has been removing all signs of Soviet oppression ever since. Workers removed the Bronze Soldier statue in the middle of the night because of protests.

Russia has said that it is considering breaking off all diplomatic relations with Estonia. Given that Estonia is going to start digging up buried Russian soldiers from their graves ... I don't think they care.


1 comments to "Estonia Tears Down Soviet War Memorial ... Guess Who's Pissed"

Anonymous said...
12:26 AM

Let's suppose that the Ukrainian government has decided to destroy a monument in Babiy Yar (a place where lots of Jews were killed during the Nazi occupation). This could be done with a reasonable explanation: after all, Jews have the same status in Ukrainian political myths as Russians in the Baltic ones: they are convenient scapegoats for the local former communists used to avoid inconvenient questions about their own past. So, in order for the purebred Ukrainians not to feel past subjugation, the monument is removed (this is fictional). Would you understand the problems Israel will have with this decision? Now why would you expect Russia to react differently to a similar humiliation? What really puzzles me is the absence of human reaction from normal Europeans.



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