Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Democrat Propoganda Masked As Iraq Veterans

Seriously Vote Vets has got to come clean about who they are, and what they do. They do NOT represent the military, or the majority of Iraq veterans. In fact, they are a Democratic party PAC with former Democrat presidential candidate Gen. Wesley Clark (retired) on the board of advisors.

During the November elections they launched a campaign against five Republican candidates saying they voted against the troops. This was, of course, a lie. The VFW was quick to endorse the candidates Vote Vets were attacking, and clarify the vote in question.

Then there is the question of Joshua Lansdale ... an anti-war hoaxer.

Vote Vets has also been linked to ACORN ... a group implicated in vote fraud the past several elections.

You'll notice in the vid that Joshua Lansdale reappears in this latest addition to the Vote Vets propaganda campaign after being removed from other videos because he was exposed as a fraud.

Here's the quote to look out for in the vid:

“If you support escalation, you don’t support the troops.”

I wonder what our military thinks about that quote? Maybe this provides an answer.


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