Thursday, February 01, 2007

Update On Border Troop Standoff

While Maj. Paul Aguirre doesn't seem to think gunmen trying to surround our troops at the border was a big deal ... others in the military are preparing for it to happen again. Here's an excerpt:

A recent standoff between National Guardsmen and heavily armed outlaws along the Mexican border has rattled some troops and raised questions about the rules of engagement for soldiers who were sent to the border in what was supposed to be a backup role.

But the incident made some National Guard commanders nervous enough to move up training dates for handling hostage situations. And some lawmakers have questioned why the rules prohibit soldiers from opening fire unless they are fired upon.

The Maj. says it's not a big deal ... but civilians, lawmakers, and the military clearly do. Let's not forget that the Texas National Guard is now sending armed troops to the border. This time they will be assisted by law enforcement ... not the other way around.



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