Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rep. Norwood Dies ... Guess What HuffPo Is Saying

Rep. Charlie Norwood (R-GA) has passed away -- RIP.

U.S. Rep. Charlie Norwood, 65, passed away this morning at his Augusta home following an extensive battle with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF) and non-small cell lung cancer.

Michelle Malkin has more on his career and passing today.

I figured I'd poke around some of the liberal blogs to see what they were saying, and found typical hate-filled butt-vomit. Check out some of the comments at the Huffington Post

1 down, 201 left!

By: DeltaTango

A lung transplant recipient shows how pig headed and stubborn this GOP must have been. He reserved his right to smoke up to the bitter end. NO attempt to reform his eating and drinking habits I suspect, just trust the Expensive Doctors to bail him out time after time, and to hell with all the poor who cant afford proper medical and dental treatment.

While Medicare covers most medical procedures approx. 80%, it still does NOT cover dental needs. He voted to send the money to Iraq rather than spend it on his own fellow Americans. He voted to cut the budget to the VA and send said money to Iraq.

We now have one less Compassionate Conservative.

By: PeacePilgrimPerson

Wow. A bible-thumpin', gun-totin', tobacky-chawin', Jeezis-lovin', homo-hatin' Republican, and God didn't save him? I thought God was supposed to save him! Oh wait, I'm sure he'll be rewarded in "Heaven" for all of the above. My bad.

Any death of a human is to be mourned, but it is harder for me when it is someone who has belonged, proudly, to a party who has hurt so many.

By: charlot

ZZZAP...evil minus one.

By: razzldazzle

Gotta love the compassionate, caring, understanding liberal left. You know you can always count on them to attack someone personally. Even if that person has passed away THAT DAY!


I want to direct you over to the Democratic Underground for their treatment of Norwood's death. They have been very respectful, and I would like to thank them sincerely. Even if they are using the opportunity to attack other sites on "what if" scenarios. At least for this moment in time the DU has shown themselves to be above their peers.


5 comments to "Rep. Norwood Dies ... Guess What HuffPo Is Saying"

Bode Miller Jokes said...
9:46 PM

Michelle "Coconut" Malkin says he was an enemy to "ethnic mau-mauers" (i.e., people like myself who cry out for racial justice), so I say good riddance, burn in hell.

Anonymous said...
6:59 AM

You probably made the posts yourself, I have seen it happen many times.

MoralMinority said...
11:05 AM

Hey, you can't impose your morality on the leftwingers. Morals are an individual decision, and only the right, which provides the Judeo/Christian yardstick from which they can be measured, can be subject to moral judgements and comdemations. So back off!

Anonymous said...
1:49 PM

Wow, you lifted three (3) rude statements out of the open COMMENTS section of a site. I'll leave a gift for the low-brow lefty-bloggers with this quote:

"All I know is that everyone on this site is happy to see Norwood go so we can get a REAL Conservative in there"

And maybe they can attribute it to your site and keep the mudslinging going!

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