Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Reid Is Completely Out Of Touch


So many things to touch on here. Let's start with "there isn't a Democrat calling for withdrawal." Really now. Funny thing is you mosey on over to Hillary's campaign site the same day and she has a new message discussing her proposal to "redeploy" out of Iraq (Which IS withdrawal), or she will make sure congress ends the war.

Then there is Murtha who has openly called for immediate withdrawal for some time now.

You also have Nancy Pelosi who called for quick withdrawal from Iraq. Let's see ... who else do we have?

There is more, but you get the point ... Reid lies. Even though Gore and Clark aren't in congress ... they are very influential in the Democratic party. Hence their inclusion.

Next we have Reid saying that we don't need a surge of troops, but a surge of diplomacy. Yeah Harry ... cause diplomacy worked so well before the war. It also didn't work too well when we used diplomacy with Sadr instead of killing him. Guess who the number two problem in Iraq is. Yep ... Sadr's mahdi army. We've also used diplomacy to offer amnesty for all Iraqis who committed terrorist acts, and that didn't work either. You can't chit chat Harry ... you have to kill.

Then there is the statement that Iraq is America's worst foreign policy blunder ever. Wow! How clueless can you get. I wonder what he has to say about slavery. Well, what do you expect from yet another leader who doesn't even know how long we've been in Iraq.



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