Monday, February 19, 2007

Shredding Bank Of America Cards

Guess some people are really getting ticked off.

SAN DIEGO -- A local radio show wants people to shred their Bank of America credit cards to protest the bank’s decision to offer credit cards to illegal immigrants.

A credit card shredding party was held in front of the KOGO studios in Serra Mesa.

Bank of America said the credit card is open to people without a Social Security number or credit history as long as they have had a checking account with the bank for three months.

The bank said the program would help undocumented workers build good credit.

I actually gave a similar homework assignment to my listeners on my show. I didn't want anyone to shred their cards, but simply refuse to give their social security number to the bank while doing their banking.

Several people called and told me that they were required to give their social in most circumstances. Some challenged the bank ... some didn't.

Bernie gave me a call to tell me about a fight he had with his B of A manager. He's been banking there for years, and was clearly upset about this new policy. He tried to make a deposit into one of his accounts. When he was asked for his social security number ... he refused. They said they would not take his deposit unless he has his social security number (which is odd anyway). Bernie asked for a manager after arguing with the teller about the new policy.

The manager didn't even try to give an excuse. They told Bernie that they were trying to help "these people" out. They never gave a clear reason why they didn't need a social security number from them, but they did from Bernie. He made a big enough stink that they took his deposit.

B of A doesn't have stellar security anyway, and has a history of compromising their customer's identities.



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