Friday, March 02, 2007

Gore's Ultimate Scam

Everyone has been laying out the facts about Al Gore's environmental hypocrisy for some time now ... most recently the $30,000 utility bills. While having a house NOT 20x the average American home ... he uses 20x the power the average household does. Top it off with the fact that he isn't utilizing the green energy sources available to him (at all 3 of his houses), and he's just now installing solar panels (after years of ownership) ... and we've got a story and a half.

Gore's defense: he buys carbon credits to offset his extensive power usage. This is a practice that is fraudulent to the core, and doesn't offset his methane production via burping and farting. I wrote about the Ultimate Scam a little while back. Which company does he pay for these credits: Generation Investment Management (GIM). Why is that important? Well a few reasons.

  1. Al Gore is a founding partner in the company
  2. The average person doesn't have access to its services
  3. A former Gore staffer suspected of fraud runs the US branch
  4. And it's an investment firm

Basically, Gore can purchase carbon credits from himself and only be investing in his company which will go out and invest in other companies making his company grow, and produce more profits.

Can you really not change your lifestyle, purchase carbon credits from yourself, and make millions doing it? I guess so. Well ... I'm off to meet with my financial advisor.

You can read the full story at Riehl World View.


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