Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Air America Offers To Host GOP Debate

This is too funny. Obviously Fox News and Air America are NOT comparable when it comes to their treatment of the two political parties. Nor do I think that Fox has had any problems with stealing money from children.

You can look at this one of two ways.

  1. The left is trying to bait the GOP into refusing to allow them to hold the debate so they can decry hypocrisy when the GOP refuses. That way they can counter the outrage for the NV Democratic party dropping the Fox debate, and proving how truly pathetic they are.
  2. Air America is hurting so bad for ratings that they are willing to cross over to the dark side for one night to actually gain an audience.

It's a win win situation for Air America. There are some holes in their plan however.

  • While the Democrats refuse to allow a right-leaning news outlet to hold their debate ... the GOP is allowing left-leaning news outlets to hold theirs (i.e. ABC, CBS, NBC etc).
  • If the GOP were to allow Air America to air the debate I doubt you would see 200,000+ signatures on a petition to shut down the debate.
  • While there would be several critics if the GOP accepts ... conservatives will take the high road. We will take a look and see approach and analyze how Air America handles it ... ready to pounce on any mistreatment.
  • The Fox debate and the NV Democratic party agreed to mutual terms. Anything that both sides didn't agree to ... didn't happen. It would be interesting to see how Air America behaves if the GOP disagrees with them on a particular term. Would they graciously negotiate, or would they attack the GOP on their airwaves?

There is another factor as well. None of the GOP candidates contribute to sites that call for the murder and deaths of Democrats, or reporters. Nor do any GOP candidates contribute to sites that proclaim to 'own' the Republican party as MoveOn and DailyKos claim to own the Democratic party.

The bottom line is that Reid, Hillary, and others contribute to these sites. They are saying that Ailes' comments about Obama are the reason for dropping the Fox debate, but that is a lie. Ailes' joke was far more insulting to Bush than Obama, and is certainly less offensive than what many Dems have said about Obama by calling him Osama. Truth is that the liberal blogs do own the DNC (at least in NV), and have been having steady success in forcing an end to the debate.

This is from our local paper: the Review Journal:

Danny Coyle, a MoveOn.org member who serves on the Executive Board of the Carson City Democratic Central Committee, yesterday offered a resolution calling on the state party to drop Fox, and it passed overwhelmingly among the grassroots Democrats in attendance.

Still think MoveOn doesn't own the NV Democrats?

The DNC leadership has been running around the country saying that they need people to cross over from the right to win in 2008. Then they allowed that opportunity to be killed by kook radicals. Nevada is going to be extremely important in 2008, and Hillary's activities here prove it. Now it will be that much more difficult for the DNC to get NV's votes.


Looks like Harry Reid axed the debate when is Kos poll numbers went down.


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