Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Students Forbidden To Tell Parents Of "Gay" Seminar

14 year olds have been ordered to attend a gay seminar, and have been forced to sign confidentiality agreements promising to not tell their parents.

In what Concerned Women for America called a "shocking and brazen act of government abuse of parental rights," the school's officials required the 14-year-olds to attend a "Gay Straight Alliance Network" panel discussion led by "gay" and "lesbian" upperclassmen during a "freshman advisory" class which "secretively featured inappropriate discussions of a sexual nature in promotion of high-risk homosexual behaviors."

So the school has essentially told students to lie to there parents, and the school has effectively taken parental participation out of the school. You know damn well that if the school's performance were scrutinized they would claim a lack of parental involvement.

Matt Barber, policy director for cultural issues for Concerned Women for America, said not only is forcing students to be exposed to the pro-homosexual propaganda bad enough, but then school officials further required that students sign the "confidentiality agreement" through which they promised not to tell anyone – including their own parents – about the seminar.


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