Monday, March 26, 2007

Iran Torturing British Sailors?

I went camping right after my show on Saturday, and didn't update the blog with this, but I mentioned it on my show. Saturday the Iranians said the Brits "admitted" to entering Iranian waters. There is no evidence of this as of yet, and Britain still says they didn't enter Iranian waters, but that Iranian ships entered Iraqi waters. We all know what "admitted" usually means in cases of prisoners in the Middle East ... torture.

I hypothesized on my show that the Brits were likely tortured by Iran (who is notorious for it), or that Iran is lying (again ... notorious for it). There is still the possibility of the captured Brits to admit they entered into Iranian waters by mistake to secure their release, and prevent an international incident. We don't really know yet, but Iran isn't allowing much information, and they've admitted to "interrogating" their captives.

There is also a report that Iran ordered the kidnapping of the Brits to retaliate for the defection and/or detention of many high ranking Iranian officers by the US and Britain. Though not confirmed ... this story is supported by the possibility of Iran wanting a prisoner exchange for several of their "spies", and officials in British custody. There seems to be about 50 Iranians prisoners captured by the British in Iraq.

Iran is also threatening to try the British prisoners with espionage ... which carries a serious penalty.

I doubt they'll be tried, and I am confident they will be released. Most of this is just a show Iran is producing. The real questions will be answered when they are released. It will tell us how Iran treated them while held captive, and if Iran entered Iraqi waters to take prisoners in retaliation for being caught operating inside Iraq. One of these two sides is going to have to admit to making a mistake. If that happens to be Iran ... they are in big trouble.


I was hoping Rosie would take the same stance on the captured British as she has on terrorists we've captured ... that they were tortured. Nope. The abominable pumpkin head strikes again!

She is saying that the British set this whole thing up, and urges people to Google the Gulf of Tonkin incident. Clearly she has not done this herself, or she wouldn't have made such an ignorant suggestion. There wasn't a Gulf of Tonkin incident ... there was two. The second of which did not occur, and that's the one Rosie has heard about. The first one is a confirmed attack by communist forces on the USS Maddox, an American Destroyer, in the form of three N. Vietnamese gunboats who fired a torpedo at the USS Maddox. The USS Maddox evaded then chased them away.

Again ... the second incident with the USS Turner Joy did not happen, but was not a government conspiracy. Captain John J. Herrick even admitted that it was nothing more than an "overeager sonarman" who "was hearing his ship's own propeller beat." Why was the sonarman overeager? Because the USS Maddox was attacked two days earlier.


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