Friday, March 23, 2007

Catholic School Bans Students From Myspace

Why? Because they are idiots! They are, of course, using the children's safety as their argument, but that is no excuse to subvert first amendment rights outside of the school environment.

Students at a suburban Catholic school are being ordered to take down their photos, snappy comments, or anything else they may have posted on

Friday is the deadline for students at St. Hugo of the Hills Catholic School to follow orders or risk suspension.

Suspension? You are going to suspend good students because they engage in a perfectly legal, constitutionally protected activity outside of school? Why don't you forbid your students from exercising? Studies show clearly that exercise raises libido, and puts people in a state of horniness ... Catholics can't accept that with their kids either.

School Principal Sister Margaret Van Velzen sent letters home to parents this week saying, in part, that if families allow children to continue their sites, they will not be allowed to return to school.

Now they can face expulsion? Surely law enforcement wouldn't allow an unconstitutional act such as this to happen.

Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard hails the school's decision.

What? Even the sheriff is ok with preventing kids from using the internet to communicate?

This is the only guy with any sense on the matter:

Jerry Herron, Wayne State University professor of American Studies, thinks keeping kids off the site may just offer a false sense of security.

The kids will just move their pages to another site, or they'll meet up in forums, or even private chat rooms. Will the school then realize this and ban any online activity for their students just like the government is trying to do right now?


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