Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ray Nagin: Still Racist

Via Time magazine:

Addressing a meeting of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, Nagin suggested that the city's slow recovery and spotty repopulation were the work of some vast, racially and politically motivated conspiracy.

Nagin has been running around giving different accounts of New Orleans' recovery. They're 90% recovered here, they're 10% recovered there. He isn't honest or consistent. Then there is the small problem of New Orleans government officials stealing the aid sent for the people, and the fact that New Orleans is using aid money to build new projects that didn't exist before Katrina instead of rebuilding what was lost. When they spend the aid money on the new projects they run to the government and press complaining that there isn't enough money to fix the Katrina damage. Just so you know ... the assessed damage of Katrina is much less than the aid that has already been sent there.


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