Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Thousands Of Bicycle Riders In SF Attack Family ... Including Two Young Girls

I suppose when there are 3000 bike riders they can actually become formidable people. The family was in town for one of their daughter's 11th birthday, but it quickly turned very, very violent.

When the family was leaving Japantown -- just as the party of about 3,000 bikers was winding down its monthly red-lights-be-damned ride through the city.

Suddenly, Ferrando said, her car was surrounded by hundreds of cyclists.

the swarming cyclists began wildly circling around and then running into the sides of her Toyota van.

Filled with panic, Ferrando said, she started inching forward until coming to a stop at Post and Gough streets, where she was surrounded by bikers on all sides.

A biker in front blocked her as another biker began pounding on the windshield. Another was pounding on her window. Another pounded the other side.

"It seemed like they were using their bikes as weapons,'' Ferrando said. One of the bikers then threw his bike -- shattering the rear window and terrifying the young girls inside.

All the while, Ferrando was screaming, "There are children in this car! There are children in this car!"

She had the presence of mind to dial 911 on her cell phone -- and within minutes, the squad of motorcycle cops who were assigned to keep an eye on the ride descended on the scene.

Naturally the police arrested some of these crap heads right? Wrong. The bicyclists demanded that the family be arrested for hit and run. Apparently the van had tapped the wheel of a bicycle, but there was no injury to the rider. I would also like to point out that the van hit the bike likely after they were already being surrounded, and were trying to inch forward to escape. All the police did was apologize to the family who was terrorized, and faces $5,300 in damages to the van.

If these bicyclists were complaining about a love tap on a bike tire ... then they are lucky it wasn't me driving. I assure you if that was my family, I would have run over as many of those bastards as I could have. You attack my family with weapons ... you die.

There is some greenie humor here though. They got their panties (and yes they wear panties) in a bunch over some minor damage to a bicycle tire, but they destroy their bikes attacking this family?


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