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Pro-Terrorist Website Calling It Quits? Maybe.


Thanks to the hard work of all of you out there ... is shutting down.

Dear Readers, has been a US independent forum promoting peace between the US and the Arab and Muslim worlds and between Israelis and Palestinians, for the last five years.

Some people apparently neither like peace nor tolerate the First Amendment to the US Constitution. They have not stopped attacks on Al-Jazeerah, its editor, its contributors, and authors.

What's new this time is that those who oppose have been orchestrating a campaign* against its Editor, personally.

A letter-writing campaign has been going on since March 22, 2007 targeting officials of the institution he works with, in addition to a continuous smearing internet and media campaign against him, personally.

I have concluded that it's not safe for me any more to continue editing in this atmosphere of intimidation, which abridges freedom of speech and freedom of the press. I believed that, as an American citizen, I have these sacred rights as a given. I acknowledge now that I was wrong.

Until I'm assured of these Constitutional freedoms and rights, I'll stop editing news reports and opinion editorials about US wars and the Israeli occupation of Palestine, hoping that the campaign against my employer stops.

Readers and contributors, however, are welcome to continue submitting other topics. Let's be creative and try to find other subjects that promote peace in the world and serve humanity.

I promise to resume publication as soon as conditions change to a more peaceful and tolerant discourse.

I'm proud that Al-Jazeerah forum has enabled thousands of Americans to express themselves, warning against wars and promoting peace in their country and the world.

There's every reason for the US and Israel to adopt peaceful resolutions to international conflicts. Wars and excessive military spending have caused the US to sink into an unprecedented national debt of $9 trillion, which will eat up the economic achievements of the American people if it is not addressed as soon as possible.

The Israelis have been living in a continuous state of war for about 60 years, for denying Palestinians their human rights, including their right for self determination and having a state of their own. Military force does not solve problems. Occupation of Arab territories does not give security. Peace does. And this has been the message of from Day One.


Hassan El-Najjar

Al-Jazeerah Editor

April 7, 2007

Awwww ... poor terrorist supporting scumbag.

You'll notice he talks about the First Amendment in the letter, and on the page the letter is posted he has the text of the First Amendment ... with highlights. He actually isn't protected by the First Amendment at all. See Article 3, Section 3 of the US Constitution. The Constitution does, however, allow for petitions. If he wasn't so focussed on supporting terrorism, and read the Constitution instead, maybe he'd know that.

Also notice that there is an Islamic flag put before the US flag on his page ... a violation of the flag code.

He then goes on to properly identify Rusty at the Jawa Report for the start of the petition campaign. Here's part of Rusty's response:

1) Al Jazeerah is not a 'peace' website, as he claims. Dr. El-Najjar's website openly supports terror organizations. For instance, Shaikh Ahamed Yassin, the founder of Hamas, is called a 'martyr' on it. Hamas is a specially designated terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

2) He claims he is being censored. The Constitution may give him the right to spin all sorts of conspiracy theories (such as one in which he suggests that there is no Muslim on Muslim violence in Iraq, rather it is Coalition forces intentionally killing civilians to make Muslims look bad), but it also give me the right to speak out against him. That same First Amendment guarantees the right of petition, which is exactly what we are doing when we demand that Dalton State College fire this terror supporter.

Further, the First Amendment protects neither sedition nor support for the enemies of the United States. The latter is called treason. And sedition and treason is exactly what Dr. El-Najjar engages in every time he supports the Iraqi 'resistance'.

What may be the most ironic about his crying 'censorship' is that his website explicitly endorses groups such as Hamas which wish to impose Islamic law. Groups which would impose state sanctions on any who would dare criticize Mohammed or who would make it illegal for a Muslim to convert to Buddhism.

They suppport the First Amendment as long as it protects their incitements to violence, but wish to ditch its principles the moment they come to power.

3) While he may not openly discuss his antisemitic conspiracy theories in class, or try to recruit students for suicide-bombings between lectures, when Dr. El-Najjar encourages his students to visit his website (which I am told he does), he has crossed a line. Dalton State College cannot try to distance itself from the fact that they are paying the salary of a man who supports terrorism outside the classroom. He is now using his position as a professor to encourage that terrorism. The state of Georgia is then, de facto, supporting terror!

So, forcing him to stop publicly endorsing terrorism doesn't exactly seem all that draconian to me. Call me sentimental, but I recall a time when those who supported our enemies during a shooting war were put in prison.

Good work Team America, but more work remains.

Well said Rusty ... well said.


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